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  • Well it kinda doesnt work like that, we have very strong policies like "for players only"

    Check my Terraining(DP) album for some booty
    Well, I'm taking a stand. New picture up in CoI. The Kaghar have been warned of your presence...
    nah, there will be good people too, plus do you really think that bad guys will be that good towards each other? All of them will want to follow their plans as well and fight for being the best servants
    How's your cult going or should I just make all the lore for you since it already began?
    So basically your people will be cutists from another world. They were hunted and killed so with the help of the Elder Gods they created a portal using which they escaped to those worlds(you choose, the desert world or the lush world) to do their bidding. You honor them with incantations and sacrifices and you revere their offspring: The Dark Ones(faceless ones) who come to help you somtimes and you will most likely be turned into one, as well as some chosen. You will try to stop other races from doing what Firstborn wanted them to do and try to help Elder Gods get freed.

    Your people are mostly acolytes and different warlock-like guys, as well as faceless ones. Your race is human of course. With grayish skin(to explain the grey skin undead models have).

    Architecture is constructions of dark stone, different mosaics, statues of dark things and since your people live in caves different black columns. All out of black and sometimes green stone.
    Well I guess your people will be a cult of Elder God servants. They will have connections to other cults, such as Cult of Khashkhtan, Cult of the Elder Gods and Followers of Monolith...
    it has been always, dude i even use it in tales of earmor, inthe beginning i used it in rafia. so did other people... it's not like i'm the first to think of it.
    i would appreciate you either be active in the RP so i can DM properly or leave the RP and say so....
    Alright first thing to reach me the fastest
    You'll need msn messenger, if you don't already have it and you don't have a live email or a hotmail email than get one, than go to msn.com and in the top left there's a link named "Messenger" Install it
    Log in to your msn afterwards
    And than message me (Not comment) and i'll tell u my email.
    Basicly anything you feel like you'd want in a rp.
    Model ideas,
    command ideas,
    Terrain ideas, (Interiors ect)
    Awesome, one more thing.
    Unlike sotdrp I would actually like ideas, feedback ect from everyone even if they're only proof reading.
    Awesome, one thing I want you to understand is that distributing the maps to anyone other than myself will result some.... difficulties with Battle net.
    We have already had a map or two stolen so we have to take precautions.
    I hope this does not offend you.
    That's fine, we use normal WCIII editor. If you know who "Saken" is on USEAST or USWEST he's gonna also help out possibly.
    We already have two maps terrained mainly but we need small rooms made that we call "Interiors" Donno if you play any games like SotDRP or HRP or any of those RPs really but ya thats what it's going to be. I closed the forum because i have found a possible triggerer already and such and for now we dont need a ny modelers.
    But we can use all the help, if your comforbable with making high detailed rooms and such for rping that would be awesome, if you don't and prefer making enviroments and such that would work too.
    [email protected]/USEAST
    Oh, thats right. Forgot to answer your question, sorry for that.
    And well... I'm not sure frankly, the destruction SHOULD be naturally based, but I have allowed Chaos' terrain, which isnt. So, in theory I guess it isnt against the rules, but I AM going to tell you that I think it is a horrible idea, and that you SHOULD chose something else.
    I have no idea why it's closed. I was going to update it with a very large update very soon, but now I guess I'll just have to start a new thread. Thanks for the heads up though, I wouldn't have realized it was closed otherwise. And if you're interested in the project keep your eyes open for the coming update :)
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) 32Th rep for being stupid at posting, why do you bother making enemies with Garra, don't be harsh
    yeah, with the Human/Nelf area I am importing pieces for the castle, so if you don't mind can you make one?
    Would you be interested in doing some terraining for me? I would really appreciate it.Here is the link to the thread Linkzorz
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