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    [vJASS] EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER memory leak issue

    Well, I hope Blizzard can take a look at the unit leak issue then.. This did not work for me unfortunately :( Memory usage just stopped increasing when I stopped timer, but no leaks were cleared up.
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    [vJASS] EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER memory leak issue

    Around 30. I had no lag regardless of whether I commented out the event or not. It's just that my Warcraft's memory usage (in task manager) keeps going up with the event registered. This test was done on a simple map without other systems that use unit events. On my main map, I used...
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) thank you!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) thank you!
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    [vJASS] EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER memory leak issue

    My map has been having a lot of fatal errors due to 'out of memory' errors, and I traced the issue down to a single line of JASS code (in a unit indexing system) that looks something like this: call TriggerRegisterPlayerUnitEvent(CreateTrigger(), Player(12), EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ISSUED_ORDER...
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    [vJASS] using boolexpr like triggers

    Ah understood. Would any other functions using boolexpr stuff be possible candidates? like GroupEnum functions with an environment of only 1 unit
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    [vJASS] using boolexpr like triggers

    I'm not sure what you mean by 'Enumerating depletes the force of any players, so when you think you're only enumerating that one player it enumerates all of them.' so after enum, the force is depleted = empty?
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    [vJASS] using boolexpr like triggers

    Is there any downside to using boolexpr like a trigger, instead of using actual trigger? boolexpr seems to use much less memory than creating a trigger. The code below works just like Nestharus' Event library: pretty much same fps drop and op limit library SmallEvent private module...
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    [vJASS] question about compiled vjass

    Aha. understood.
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    Reputation (+1): (Post) neat idea ^_^

    Reputation (+1): (Post) neat idea ^_^
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    [vJASS] question about compiled vjass

    Thank you for detailed explanations! Would it be generally considered bad practice to have methods calling other methods below them? or is it sometimes an allowable thing that makes my life easier? Also, if vJass can detect such errors and provide a workaround, why do I get an error when I...
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    [vJASS] question about compiled vjass

    When static method in vjass is compiled into jass, I notice things like function sc__scope__struct_method takes arguments returns nothing set f__arg_arg1 = argument 1 set f__arg_arg2 = argument 2 ... call TriggerEvaluate(st__scope__struct_method) endfunction in which st__scope__struct_method...
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    looking for a defense map

    Hello. I could not think of an appropriate forum to post this question. I'm looking for a defense with following information: 1. It's a hero defense map; goal is to protect a big ice tomb at base and then move onto offensive mode like X Hero Siege. Overall map is ice terrain 2. There are some...
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    [vJASS] private/non-private members

    I really love the struct 'fold' option. However, JNGP seems to have some bugs with it; using private methods disables the folding after like halfway through. Are there any weird code/bugs generated from using non-private methods? or would it be fine to discard putting 'private' infront of...
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    [System] Effect

    Ok I'll rename the library and adds some examples later. However, I wanted to keep the struct name as it is because I wanted it to be easy-to-remember/type replacement for effects