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  • Good news, updated Aura Struct

    Haven't run into any problems on new version and the behavior is awesome : )

    However, unlike Timer Tools, I don't really have a super way of testing Aura Struct : (.
    Timer Tools v3 is out if you didn't notice

    It has 0 bugs, haha

    I tested it across 1200 timers with random timeouts from .1 to .4 (combination of constant merge and non constant merge). During run time, the timers are randomly created/destroyed. 0 errors were thrown and I went so far as to test how many times they ran as compared to native timers running parallel to them.

    sorry it took so long : (

    right now I'm updating AuraStruct to also have guaranteed 0 bugs. The code will also be shorted and everything will be simpler.
    It was graveyarded because Vexorian got /jelly/ and /mad/, so he decided to finally update his TimerUtils at wc3c.net
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