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    Plated Footman (Now without hero glow!)

    ah stormwind guard :O
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    Shoulder attachment

    Ah, Now i can attach them to units. And i already have 3 ! Thanks everyone,its the best wc3 map editor site for sure :) OMNNOMNOMNOMNONMNOM!
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    Shoulder attachment

    Hey, i would like to know if there's way to create a shoulder attachmet :thumbs_up: And if you can, could someone make one? Becouse im in love with attachments :grin:
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    Renegade Armor

    ahh outstanding
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    Samurai Helmet

    Great model, nothing else to say exept 5/5 :)
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    Mansion Murderer

    Haha, i saw this in you game.. great model :)
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    Creep Respawn (GUI)

    Really big thanks :grin:
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    Creep Respawn (GUI)

    Hey, im having problems with the condition: (Custom Value of (Triggering unit)) Greater than 0 So please anyone help? :)