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  • Being hunted by everyone? Felling week and need allies? Then join the dark side today and you'll get minions, power and new allies!

    Nah just kidding tho I could use some kind of allies in elder too soon. Being allied to Dark Iron has its downfalls.
    jerk or not, that speech you shall not use
    ask hail.. i kicked for less..

    EDIT: Your illusion is broken.. so.. how about your char disappears for a while? o_O
    Hellion has his reasons for trying to reclaim land stolen from him. Besides, it never ended well to insult dragons in books or movies, and Kalek could hunt you down if he had the time. So, insulting him and his race never helped, much less insulting Hellion, ruler of the world, the dragon with the resources to hunt you down to the ends oof the earth. :p
    ...haven't you got a bit... overboard in the elders RP?
    You're kinda.. dissing all around Oo
    ah, but its SO much FUN for me when he plays into my hands, attempting to destroy my plans and forces! >:D
    I can't put you in first episode so I will have to put you in second ok?It is just I started cinematic before I returned to this site so I didn't know abut group changes.
    Can you tell me more about your character in Elders?I am making a cinematic and because I wasn't on site 3 months I missed many things.
    sorry Koicheen, but i am sick of Sacrid's argue, he takes it everywhere, instead just on my VM-s
    Fireer doesnt mean Fuhrer (aldo u is sopose to have 2 dots over it). And you call my english bad. And you like germany. Remember you had all thos tanks in albums.
    Anyway what did i want to say... I forgot. Bah. XD
    Whatever you say, naziman.
    And Koich, if you have problems with junk files get CCleaner from pirsoft. it can free up to several Gbs (depending on the hard drives state)
    Did you know how Velmarshal made his own nickname? Velm is just shortened for Velmarshal. He wanted to write field marshal on German. Aldo "v" is read (when solo) "fau", when in a word its read "f". So he thought if he puts Vel, it wil lmean Fel.
    So his name is just as wrong in gramer as mine is.
    No he just mentioned a bot. And lol he failed at writing his own nick, EPIC fail indeed.
    And reply visitor messages on user profiles that you're replying.
    If you send a message for me on your profile, I won't know about it until I visit your profile.
    Um... do you want to know how he got that name? Prepare to LoL hard.
    He actually thought there is a word Fire-er (Fireer)- read: a guy who fires.
    Combine that with HailFire, and you get HailFireer-A guy who fires hailfires :grin:
    Or did he tell you that himself?
    It is. Waaay better.

    @Misha His ass belongs on the banlist, but theres nothing i can do about that, is there? :D
    Hahh! I want to befriend a man that told HailFireer where his ass belongs XD
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