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  • Dear KnightDavion, recently the owner of the Daily Peon social group changed and there are new rules. Now, only users that really partipiciate in our RP can be members of our group. You have three days to become really active in our RP or to leave by yourself, else you'll be kicked out from a group by force. If you'll join DP, please read the rules and backstory. If there will be any questions, contact Alagremm.
    are u making a new skin?
    ummm, i suggest to improve first ur past skins coz, u might get banned for multi-uploading, and sure i'll help u out, but fix ur other skins first. who knows they might get approved ^^
    i already made comments in it, ^^
    u hav 2 add some glows in the eyes to spruce up the ghostly effect
    oi, did u accept my friend invitation?

    and also

    i would 2 hear ur opinion abt my akama skin^^
    It's intriguing to see another Filipino here. Well, at least one submitting resources. :p Just here because your Thing skin caught my interest. I hope you think up of more creative things.
    ok, pero pag may time ako turuan kita to edit skins huh, medyo busy ako these past few days, may iniisip akong idea sa bago kong skin
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    (Post) Hey, don't ask reps or you'll get banned or get negitive rep from admins as punishment! read the rules
    R u a Filipino??
    wow i'm also a Filipino, well actually Fil-Am...
    well i live in Arizona, but i went to philippines last month cuz i visited my relatives
    DK, i suggest u make friends w co-hive members, coz they r the 1 hu wil giv u suggestions, i suggest adding, Kazzo, dentothor, Shanghai, and other skinners u think best
    I use mouse (duhhh^_^)
    i'll PM you for private skinning tutorials^^
    maybe i'll send tutorials to you tommorrow

    It includes:

    1.) shading - my style
    2.) highlights - my style
    3.) colour scheming
    4.) refining shading and highlights
    Hey....can you tell me some stuff...
    Do you use mouse?....
    I'm making a skin for HellScream....Your skin is my inspiration
    try more freehand man, this also happened to me when i made my first three skins, i god bad comments, VERY BAD....
    maybe u should try skinning easier units? like faceless, or critters?
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