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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2018
Dec 30, 2005

Awarded Medals 3

Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
Science Master


Creator, 113, from Finland

Kitabatake was last seen:
Aug 31, 2018
    1. DaBest5467
      u r the best attachment maker ever
    2. Juliano
      You oficially ROCK, a simple and yet very useful flood of dam useful models!

      Thanks a lot for submitting that armors!
    3. TKF
      Hey kita, dozens of models you have submitted O_o
    4. Septimus
      Well, those map do had version information on it. Just that you would not notice it easily. Sometimes I did not add version number as the map title are very long.

      And if you want to review the credit, screenshot and etc etc.. you need to press the detail button. I set it to hidden mode as to avoid the map detail/description getting too long and it is for a pleasant view.

      For your info, I delete half of your post because it is irrelevent and not without reason.
    5. Kitabatake
      The maps that I tested did not have credits on them. You want me to send those maps to you?

      Oh and I recommend adding version numbers to your maps, would help keep track on the versions (1.00 for first release, then 1.01 etc...)

      And I did give a reason, link here
      "Give credits: I saw some imported models in the map but I didn't see credits anywhere..."

      Anyway this debate is getting too time consuming for me, I have things to do and a life to live.
      However I will test your maps soon and give new ratings when I see the credits in them.
    6. Septimus
      Errrr.. kita, I forgot to inform you.

      If you really give rating 1, you must state your reason cause there is a serious epidemic of downrater going around the map section. I had caught several culprit who are not honest when it comes to map rating.

      There is somebody who vote a map rating 4/5, but when the map rating been check it seems he vote rating 1 instead.

      If you rate a map rating 2 without reason, it seems ok. But, if give rating 1- I suggest you to post a comment about it.
    7. Septimus
      And for your information, I do give credit at 14 july.
      And you vote it rating 1 at 15 july. Mind explain it ?

      By the way, I do not delete your post. I usually merge post that are double post in within 48 hours and if I delete a post. It could either be irrevelent post or flaming.

      And if you view all my map resources, you would notice I was making a huge update on it including given credit just like you had suggest. But, to update it all those map and change all those map detail/description. I need time to do so.
    8. Septimus
      Errr.. kitabatake.. why you post visitor message that are for cmarket at my profile ?
    9. Kitabatake
      Hmh? I could have sworn I rated it 4...
      Well now it is 4/5.

      Good luck with your projects!
    10. CMarket
      Well ok, 4/5 plus the comment you gave is acceptable, now I can improve.

      P.S. You forgot to change your rating :)
    11. Kitabatake
      @onisaiyan808: I think I might make some bows..

      @narh6: War3ModelEditor aka Magos Model Editor and Oinkerwinkles VertexModify

      @Septimus: Thanks!
      And yes it's a modding clan as well as a gaming clan

      @Fyren67: Yes, I have projects of my own...

      @CMarket: Hmm you mean the "Sect of the Holy Mother 7"?
      As far as I remember I gave you 4/5
      And there was nothing wrong with the map: It was good although it didn't quite live up to the 6/5 hype the comments section gave.

      And yes I do give quite harsh ratings since my own sense of quality has changed over the years of modding warcraft. I have seen so many things that these days nothing looks perfect anymore. I am even ashamed of some of my own resources...

      Anyway about that cinematic of yours:

      * Overall it was pretty good quality

      * The battle scenes were nice but it bothered me a bit that at times there was "nothing happening": people were just talking to each other while there are 3 skeletons simultaneously hitting them in the back.
      You could probably fix that by making some units die/retreat during the fight and by adding more variation to the fight: not just everyone standing in one position facing one direction and attacking.

      * And that scene where the blademaster looks like he is dying, but suddenly appears behind the other character and kills him is something I have seen too many times already.
      Also the scene where the two characters rise up to the air and shoot two magic projectiles was something I had also seen before in another cinematic

      But other than that it was a good cinematic "4 - Recommended" indeed!

      And Septimus' maps:

      I did comment on the "How the Spartans win" but since he deleted half of my post without giving a reason, I really didn't bother commenting on the other map.
      (No hard feelings, I understand that a new moderator may do a few slips in the beginning...)

      But now that you're asking it:

      How the spartan win
      here is the post I'm talking about.
      The main problems were the somewhat monotonous terrain and blankness. But the main reason why I voted it 1/5 was because it used other peoples resources and I didn't see any credits given in the map.

      Using non-blizzard resources without crediting the creator is something that I consider "1 - Unacceptable".

      KFC 300
      Again: No credits = "Unacceptable"

      Also I do not always have time to comment the maps so I just quickly rate them and move on
    12. CMarket
      Hi Kita. Mind telling me what I did wrong for you to give me a 3/5 for my latest map? I can't improve if you don't tell me...

      Same way Septimus can't improve if you don't tell him why you rated his map KFC a 2/5 and How the Spartans win a 1/5.
    13. Fyren67
      hi are you working in some project for any map?
    14. Septimus
      Hi kita, i has just give a new review...

      Well, that comment of mine about shooting is off-topic.. lol..

      And rating 4 was given when overall rate of the mini moderator vote were mix together

      Hey, is the website link you provided at uncharted water...was your clan website ? A clan that make warcraft map ?
    15. anarh6
      Wich what program you make a moldels to war3 ???
    16. onisaiyan808
      Kitabatake, let me just say that your work is godlike. That flood of models you just sented in was beyond extraordinary. Your models inspire to start working on my map with new ideas for items. Thank you.

      Also, a request. Can you make some bows for Hive? I looked up bows here and there's only one. If you can't, then it's okay.
    17. Juliano
      Hey dude, awesome flood of models!

      My map is using a few of them, including the Mercenary and a few of the item attachments.

      If you would like to check it out : http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development/89389-spirit-rpg.html

      Also, I know you might be very busy or just don't feel like it, but, it would be great if you make a mercenary model with paladin-ish armor, like, golden shoulderpads and textures like the captains armor...

      Anyways, if you just don't want to...okay
    18. Kitabatake
      @Septimus - Unfortunately I have to reject your request.

      @Pisco1412 - I make more armors when I have time
      You can find the samurai without the sword here

      @megasonicfan - Unfortunately I have to reject your request.
    19. megasonicfan
      if its not too much to ask, i have a request. i am making a huge campaign RPG with WC3 and i need two certain models that i cant find anything that looks like what i need. i know that we dont know each other but you seem to be one of the best model makers on the site.

      the first one would look something like the lich, except he wouldnt be skeletal, just human. his hood would cover his eyes, his robe would be black, and the ends of it would be tattered and sort of floating. if you can use the priest casting animation, that would be awesome :)

      the second one is a little weirder. He would have a strange cloak thing that coveres half of his face and body, like someone put half a sheet over him. his hair would be long and black, and his weapon is a sort of rod with a bird's head on the end.
      one more thing, if you could add a portrait to the armed mage, that would be great :)
    20. Pisco1412
      a new reqest, kita, can you submit your samurai model without his sword? I wanna make an RPG game with your model in it but I'm using attachments so the sword's in the way. I'd really appreciate it if you make like a samurai attachment set or something close to it.
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  • About

    Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
    Science Master
    Current Project:
    Currently working on Blades 'n Gore II.
    It is a fast paced sword fighting game that is fast to learn and hard to master.
    It supports a variety of game modes & team configurations and more features are added with future updates.

    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Started map making with the Age of Empires II editor. Those who are familiar with that editor should not find it hard to know where my username originates from.

    I switched over to making maps for Warcraft III at around ~2003.
    As I didn't have an internet connection at the time, I learned GUI triggering with only experimenting, trial and error.
    (That is also the reason why I never switched over to using JASS. I'm too lazy to learn to do stuff I already know, only to do the exact same functionality with a different method.)

    Later on, after getting an actual internet connection, I discovered wc3sear.ch and joined it after lurking the site for nearly a year or so.

    Eventually, I got eager to expand my skills to model editing and I started out with simple stuff using Magos' War3 Model Editor and Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modify.

    At some point wc3sear.ch went heavily over it's quota and died. All data and users were transferred over to Hiveworkshop, so here I am.

    map making, model making
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