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Last Activity:
Aug 31, 2018
Dec 30, 2005

Awarded Medals 3

Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
Science Master


Creator, 113, from Finland

Kitabatake was last seen:
Aug 31, 2018
    1. Dieseldodge
      101st birthday?? WTF? Happy Birthday xD
    2. ShiroiSenji
    3. Kitabatake
    4. Hawkwing
      Happy 101st Birthday?
    5. communist_orc
      Happys B-day! Hope your mom didnt 4get to put all 101 candles on your cake^^
    6. Septimus
      Well, kita.. we need more mod not only for spell section. But for the rest of the section as well.

      The amount of resources upload into our website is far more than we mod could check in a day.
    7. Kitabatake
      @Ardnived: yes, helmets can be made and boots are quite possible to make but I'm very busy at the moment so don't expect new models very soon...

      @ANdROnIQ: Sorry, I don't have time at the moment

      @Heyer: Sure, go ahead

      @Kingzachery: Ahh I have forgotten to update the cloud model.
      I'd like to finish the model before giving people permission to start editing it...

      @Septimus: You can find it here: Warcraft III Spells - Anti-Cheat System 1.03
      It has been pending for a long while now and that's why it doesn't show up in the "Browse Spells" list.
      I think hive needs more spell moderators...
    8. Septimus
      Hey kita, aeroblytos said you just create a new anti-cheat system which is far efficient compare to the other. But, I do not think I see any of it at spell section.
    9. Kingzachery
      Hay Kitabatake can i edit your cloud model to make Zack fair.
    10. Heyer
      hiya Kitabatake! I would like to ask, can i post a request about an icon in the Request forum, based on your models? credits will be to you ofcourse!
    11. ANdROnIQ
      Item models could you take one of your armour models into the air and make it rotate and glow, to create an item model? I'd be grateful.

      P. S. The same thing about bow and helmet. They are beautiful attachments, but i need items. Please help...
    12. Ardnived
      Also you could always make boots
    13. Ardnived
      I see I see... well Im using Tenebrae's RPG Hero models, but I doubt they have them either

      what about Helmets then?
    14. Kitabatake
      It would require 4 models for each pair of pants.
      1 for upper left leg, 1 for upper right leg, 1 for lower left leg, 1 for lower right leg...

      Might be too much of a hassle.
      And besides, the villager model (or any other model) doesn't have attachment points for upper leg parts so the pants attachments wouldn't work (without creating new attachment points)...

      So, it is possible to make pants but I don't think it's worth all the effort
    15. Ardnived
      Excellent :)

      also are you planning on making pants to go with thew armours? I havent tried it yet but I think it would look kind of odd without them
    16. Kitabatake
      You can find all my armors and most of my weapons in packs at the downloads section of Xtreme 2 Orders
    17. Ardnived
      You should put all your weapons and armours into packs
    18. Kitabatake
      @Juliano: walk in symmetrical patterns, have patience, use your brain

      @TheBlooddancer & others who have requested it:
      Bow attachment
    19. TheBlooddancer
      Wouldnt you, Pleeeaaase?, make a Bow attachment? It would suit you perfect Quiver so well, and the Hive only have one crappy Bow?! Please help the Hive :D
    20. Juliano
      Hey, can u tell me how to pass 4th level from that KitaLock map?I have a 1 hour save and still can't pass it
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  • About

    Sep 8, 1907 (Age: 113)
    Science Master
    Current Project:
    Currently working on Blades 'n Gore II.
    It is a fast paced sword fighting game that is fast to learn and hard to master.
    It supports a variety of game modes & team configurations and more features are added with future updates.

    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Started map making with the Age of Empires II editor. Those who are familiar with that editor should not find it hard to know where my username originates from.

    I switched over to making maps for Warcraft III at around ~2003.
    As I didn't have an internet connection at the time, I learned GUI triggering with only experimenting, trial and error.
    (That is also the reason why I never switched over to using JASS. I'm too lazy to learn to do stuff I already know, only to do the exact same functionality with a different method.)

    Later on, after getting an actual internet connection, I discovered wc3sear.ch and joined it after lurking the site for nearly a year or so.

    Eventually, I got eager to expand my skills to model editing and I started out with simple stuff using Magos' War3 Model Editor and Oinkerwinkle's Vertex Modify.

    At some point wc3sear.ch went heavily over it's quota and died. All data and users were transferred over to Hiveworkshop, so here I am.

    map making, model making
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