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Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2019
Oct 12, 2008

Awarded Medals 3


Creature is cannot eat

Well this is interesting. Jun 11, 2016

Kino was last seen:
Mar 24, 2019
    1. fladdermasken
    2. fladdermasken
      Ive been out of scenic terraining too long for me to produce anything worthwhile.
      Even Gilles is in on the action though. :V
    3. fladdermasken
    4. WaterKnight
      Is already, FireFox confused me yesterday though because when re-requesting from the same url, it used a cached version instead of a fresh download. So what I got appeared broken again.
    5. WaterKnight
      Okay, had to change the upload mode to binary. Will reupload everything.
    6. WaterKnight
      Seems like the upload broke something. I still have the replays on hard disk and they work fine but when I download them each file got some bytes/kb chopped off.
    7. mogulkhan1Axe
      Okay have fun!
    8. mogulkhan1Axe
      Hi wanna participate in a small Dota 2 Tournament? This tournament is for people from Hive, not needed to be in a Dota 2 Group. Current goal is 16 players. Be sure to PM me if u are interested in playing.(Need time Zone too and Steam Account)
      The tournament is single elimination till the champion is risen.

      Have a nice day, mogulkhan1Axe.
    9. sonofjay
      Hmmm, I tried some stuffs on it but nothing works.

      I have an alternative that looks neat and simpler.


    10. sonofjay
      ----- TABS ---------

      TAB: Click1

      TAB: Click2

      TAB: Click3

      ----- END TABS -----

    11. Mythic
      Kino, :cgrin:

    12. StoPCampinGn00b
      Damnit Kino why must you lengthen the pending section significantly?! Just kidding, anyway , your maps may be approved this week or next week.
    13. Frotty
      Almost three months without a visitor message, you must feel lonely.
      Fear no more!
    14. TheWhiteWolf
      Hi, I would like to invite you to take a look at the new mini-mapping contest and leave your opinion :)
    15. Zaramorus
      Kino in my country means cinema :D
    16. stan0033
      No, just like that ;p
    17. stan0033
    18. TheWhiteWolf
      Regarding Project ORB: Missiles aren't buggy, those 8 bars below are the cooldown ;) Thanks for the review :D
    19. noob
      You are really harsh with yourself in your auto troll review.(The review of my map you call troll review is not trolling it is pure truth)
      Also against the enemy who pass and make the others snowball just use water elemental for aggro as it attract really many the opponents and so you just have to cast two time water a little toward the monster and he will stop attacking the anchor and you will return to kill the others monsters you guarded in place with an water elemental wall with fire and other waters breaths.
    20. noob
      I will not congratulate myself as being an inspiration as all idea in your project were yours.
      the echo concept the magnitude and the three steps of life of the elements and all those monsters attacking your elements and those definitive whirlpools of void in fact anything you have made were new and made 100% by yourself. I think you will score many points in originality.
      I remember well that my suggestions were all lame and useless.
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