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Last Activity:
Mar 24, 2019
Oct 12, 2008

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Creature is cannot eat

Well this is interesting. Jun 11, 2016

Kino was last seen:
Mar 24, 2019
    1. Darkfang
      Done I think it has been updated successfully
      1. Kino
        Definitely didn't work.
        The last updated date still shows last month, I check in-game just to be sure and its still the old version.
        Aug 8, 2016
    2. Dark-Zalor
      Sorry for your review man

      I will add some other heroes and an Ai
    3. Cokemonkey11
      how's it going lately kino?
      1. Kino
        RL is mostly fine, not really doing any mapping nowadays.
        Aug 1, 2016
      2. Cokemonkey11
        cool man. take it easy.
        Aug 1, 2016
    4. Kino
      Well this is interesting.
    5. JesusHipster
      Your "You can only strike" is somewhat brilliant.
    6. Rufus
      I just wanted to let you know that I took your advice and added a cooldown indicator for the stun ability.

      I solved it with an energy bar, replacing the former supply (or food) resource bar.
      I haven't implemented it in all maps yet, but I tried it in "Solen's Sanctuary", and it turned out great.

      Thanks! :)
    7. Naze
      Oh, they look sweet. So you have no intention in uploading them in the skins section?
    8. N41
      Dear Kino,
      I need permission to edit one of your resources for use in map.
      The resource being mentioned is Dreamspire.
      The edits include (not limited to):
      -Adding Team Color
      -Adding Different Birth Anim
      -Adding Attachment Points
      Hope you permit me. Thanks in advance.
    9. Rufus
    10. Eriador
      Of course, as allways.

      I have uploaded the newest version, it is not a major update, but it feels quiet a bit faster.
      Some abilities have been changed, but the biggest difference is the increased speed, attack speed and reduced cooldown times. Like you suggested.
    11. Winimasker
      Do you mean the creature cannot eat?
    12. Winimasker
      I mean your custom user title. :)
    13. Winimasker
      Hello! :)

      lol "Creature is cannot eat." XD

      I thought it should be "Creature cannot be eaten".
    14. Cokemonkey11
      I think it is possible to win, actually. So far my best is season 9. It takes a lot of patience, and you have to force yourself not to get lazy.

      It also takes a lot of practice, because knowing the behaviors and properties of the enemies is not obvious.

      My thoughts so far:

      * enemy monsters should have some way of indicating their properties. Perhaps give them items visible to the player, that show traits?
      * some monsters are way too strong. none of them should have chaos attack type.
      * wildkin/birdlasher's AI behaviour is really annoying - they seek you out and you cannot hide. you also cannot fight back against mature ones.
      * mammoth's design is a little binary. I get that they're high-risk/high-reward, but I found them frustrating on a couple occasions that they could kill a group of 9+ on their own.
      * the AI chases you too aggressively, and creatures never fight each other. This makes running away really risky.
      * Endotherm trait is too hard to play with juveniles. Perhaps better would be "1% of current health is lost per second"?
      * Disease-attack trait is impossible to use without really, really special circumstances. I suggest removing it in favor of a couple different traits that have more mild negative effects, like "Underdeveloped Nervous System: stunning and slowing effects persist for double duration", or "Soft Tissue: Attacks while under 25 health are mortal wounds"
      * The "50% health" to persist between seasons is a little bit frustrating to maintain because tracking what is and isn't half is not that easy. Better, perhaps would be to either use a value like 25/33%, that feels more "fair", or use a more continuous system, so 50% health units grow with reduced capacity than a more healthy individual.
      * After enough plays I feel much less interested in passive abilities/feed level, because managing traits and food is much more important. Perhaps those behavior abilities could be considered again at some point. Or maybe they're good the way they are - I'm undecided.
    15. DEE-BOO
      Dag it, guess I'll have to cheat. :L
    16. Aeroblyctos
      Oh my indeed!
    17. DEE-BOO
      Can you win your Paradise map for me and send me the replay? I want to see :3
    18. DEE-BOO
      I played 1 game of each builder, It's a freaking sweet map. I love the human builder.
    19. Bribe
    20. Eriador
      Allright, take your time :)

      SoH 1.51
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