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Last Activity:
Oct 22, 2019
Jun 5, 2008

Awarded Medals 4



I don't care., from Serbia

Kingz was last seen:
Oct 22, 2019
    1. Anachron
      So you leave as well :D I see. We can talk over MSN. Tell me your MSN addy in a pm and we are ready to chat.
    2. Eccho
      I am sorry to hear that you are leaving. Are you not considering to drop by from time to time? I got to admit it though, thw has not been on my mind lately either, and it seems I will more and more only stay in chat, less than usual.

      But it was nice hearing from you mate:) See you around.
    3. Septimus
      what happen?
    4. baassee
      Are you leaving for good now? :( It's been nice to see you the past 2 years!

      Good luck at the university (read your other VMs :P)!

      Good bye ol'friend.
    5. MortAr
      what a markable considence, because im leaving THW too..
      well, goodbye to you too my friend.
    6. -Berz-
      University?? Don't go there, I've been there for 1 week and I dropped it last week. It's all about maths and shit... So if you aren't really ubersmart don't go there. Just my advice.
    7. xD.Schurke
      hm my studies at the uni starts on monday, and I still will have freetime :O
    8. xD.Schurke
      hehe editorX, it's paused I would guess :P

      u leaving THW? :P
    9. -Berz-
      Hey there.

      Well if you decided so... I hope you will come back someday or just pay a visit.
      Good luck with whatever you will be doing. ;)
    10. Vercas
      Well, after MUCH experimenting I've found out it only happens on Flash, so I have reinstalled Adobe Flash Player and it got fixed! :D

      Hey, did you try Firefox 4.0 Beta? It's so cool!
    11. Vercas

      I've recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my PC and my sound lost the quality it had before! WTF can be the problem? :C
    12. Vercas
      Do you like Refused - New Noise?

      It took me 5 hours or so to find this old song. I was listening to it when I was 10.
      It's hardcore punk but the song sounds incredible!

      I still like it, tho.

      (Can you believe I've looked at a list of ALL metal, rock and punk bands to find it?)

      P.S. CAN I SCREAM???
    13. Sephalo
      Ah oke great.
      I also spoke to Hanky and he was pretty enthousiastic about the project but was moving somewere. In a month he would get internet back and he might join the project then aswel.
      So far alot has happend to the project and it became quite bigger.

      I will send you an update of the map today, I quickly finish terraining a small area first.
    14. Sephalo
      Hey Kingz.
      How are you doing?
    15. Cihparg
      How are you nowadays Kingz?
    16. Vercas
      That's a classic!
    17. Vercas
      So, do you like the song I linked?
    18. Vercas
      All the new songs I get are from friends. :wink:
      I don't know why but the only cool song I've found myself is Five Finger Death Punch - Death Before Dishonor.
    19. Vercas
      Geez it sounds so cool! :D
    20. Numerion
      ok...you share my thoughts ^^ (also Pantheon seems OP in my view, cause of imunity to harasment in the begining >.> )
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Blood Knights
    Warcraft and Warhammer fan
    Dota Player

    Warcraft 3


    Life sucks.
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