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Last Activity:
Oct 22, 2019
Jun 5, 2008

Awarded Medals 4



I don't care., from Serbia

Kingz was last seen:
Oct 22, 2019
    1. Vengeancekael
    2. Vengeancekael
      Kingz please choose the icon for the techtree contest #6 award icon and send it to me.
    3. Kwaliti
      Upisao farmaciju :D
    4. Kwaliti
      Pise u infu xD 93
    5. overcold_ice
      thanks :D
      my first one xD
    6. Astaroth Zion
      Astaroth Zion
      Thanks your job was really good and deserved that 1st place. :D

      I´m glad that the people who work the hardest on their entries (both in time and concept) got the first places. Regardless of any debatable judging points without a doubt your entry and Overlord's where the best.

      Maybe I'm going to far hehe, but if the techtree contest # 7 is optionally paired would you enter it with me?? (for the record I know how to do models, though working on learning special effects now, and I am decent with GUI)
    7. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      Ja ne mogu da verujem da u srbiji ima TOLIKO modera za warcraft.
      *samara sama sebe*
    8. Kwaliti
      Sve derivate roka i metala xD Koristim Milkshape 3D za modele, tutorial nemam nikakav poseban pravo da ti kazem. LithUnwrap za wrap tekstura i Photoshop za teksture :D
    9. Kwaliti
      Hvala. To je inace hobi kome i ne posvecujem toliku paznju u poslednje vreme, odvukla me muzika :)
    10. Kwaliti
      Srbija :D
    11. Metalbear
      For the kingz!
    12. NFWar
      Thank you, sir.
    13. Wazzz
      I do enjoy how you mention what you didn't do, but you neglect to mention that you have been a persistent troll ever since I was beating you miserably in the last techtree contest's public poll ;)
    14. Wazzz
      Oh, just in case you didn't notice, the other self-contradiction is that you have a go at a 'certain someone' for 'simply promoting their idea'.

      Interesting isn't it that you then promote your idea in the same post. And then say you most likely won't participate. After saying that only contestants should have a say, basically.
    15. Wazzz
      You tend to jump to hostility before knowing all the facts, and make assumptions without thinking. You obviously talk a lot without thinking based on the fact that whenever you say something, you tend to immediately contradict it.

      Anywho, do feel free to vote for one of the themes, I will get the contest up and running as soon as I feel people are ready for it and have gotten enough of their votes in (:
    16. Wazzz
      I'm quite sure if you report me posting on your profile, you will get informed that you have the ability to delete my posts.

      But now who's doing the wordplay? You just nitpicked your own phrasing, hilarious!

      You do honestly contradict yourself a lot. Also it's 'factions' not 'fractions'. I wonder if the typo has anything to do with being the lowest common denominator?

      When I say you were in league with him, I'm saying that you are in the wrong almost as much as he was. Only you're not as spammy as he is, which is a plus. I find you to be irrationally unreasonable, however, and your idle threats make it difficult to consider you as a potential acquaintance.
    17. Wazzz
      really? well, you were in league with this guy and he was found to be in the wrong

      and it's not my wordplay, i'm not playing with words at all, this is LITERALLY what you're saying, HOW can you not see it?

      okay i'll give you another example:

      in this particular circumstance, you open up by saying that only the people who will be a part of the contest should have a say in what the theme can be. You then continue to mention your idea for a theme. Okay, so far so good, please continue following me here.

      You THEN say you probably won't join the contest.

      Do you see the problem? You just said that only contestants should have a say in the theme, and then you say that you're most likely not going to join the next contest, and have a say anyway. That is my favourite post of you contradicting yourself to date!
    18. Wazzz
      for example: i observe you attempting to troll and manipulate the previous contest as well as my poll, and then you accuse me of doing the same and act as though you are on the high ground of morality

      that's /hypocrisy/
    19. Wazzz
      actually i was more so referring to your tendency to contradict whatever you say immediately after saying it

      you don't get that?
    20. JokeMaster
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Blood Knights
    Warcraft and Warhammer fan
    Dota Player

    Warcraft 3


    Life sucks.
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