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Oct 22, 2019
Jun 5, 2008

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I don't care., from Serbia

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Oct 22, 2019
    1. Arcisal
      Farewell. It was good combating a common enemy alongside you.

      What of Oakwood?
    2. Revilo
      OffGraphic wants to know if you have skype
    3. Wolfe
      You fought valiantly, friend.
    4. Vengeancekael
      Thank you. :)
    5. Pharaoh_
      It feels bad, I know..

      Don't forget to send me a way to keep in touch.
    6. Sephalo
      Wow that's alot of people.
      But I'll see what happens.
      Just gotta give it some time.
      But still. Many bans is shitty, but if they keep breaking rules, then why not treat them the same as any non-memorable member would be treated.
      In my opinion you can't blame the banner, but those that get banned all together because if they'd just behave this wouldn't have happened.
    7. I3lackDeath
      You don't have to distribute them on your own, I will make them available sooner or later, but not on this site anymore.

      I decide what happens to my work, and I refuse to give Ralle permission to distribute them here. Not after all that has happened, the way we were treated.

      You may contact me there any time you wish.
    8. Sephalo
      Hmm. Looks like alot of drama is going on.
      My first thought: Why so much drama about some of the bans? If people post porn or have bad language it's only normal they're getting banned isn't it?
      And this all seem to have happened in 2 days. Just wait a month and people forgot about it already don't you think?
    9. Vengeancekael
      I'm at page 6 right now lol
    10. Joe-black-5
      what Red said.
    11. Red
      Not at all, I'm kicking back on dA with Bob, Pyra, Hakeem, Anarchi and others. Ralle may be be sending his little shit-hole site here straight to hell, but it won't stop us. On to greener pastures :D
    12. Xian
      Didn't notice that until you said so,poor thing,RIP THW icon section,"It was a good section,yes it had most of the rulebreaker resources,but hey, it was great while it lasted".

      Well,there's admins,but they are kind of busy,a lot busy.
    13. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      do you see it?
      I posted twice
    14. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      because I cant even go to page 14
    15. Map Designer
      Map Designer
      can u post there? I bit I cant anymore
    16. Pyramidhe@d
      have an opinion. and you will find that not only do your posts vanish. but irl, your job opportunities vanish as well
    17. Pyramidhe@d
      well thanks for understanding. if it even went a little rationally, i wouldnt have done this but. i dunno. shit happens. and you gotta deal with it. i will be staying for a while but i dont see myself returning for something productive
    18. Wolfe
      Your posts in the thread. <3

      Also, weren't you working on Oakwood with Teun?
    19. Red
      A lot of my old stuff is gone for good sadly, though look for some of it to pop back up on wc3c (which you and all your friends should join btw!), and I'm sure those goofy russians over there at xgm have it somewhere.

      As for me, I'll probably stop in from time to time just to see how bad this shitshow gets :P
    20. I3lackDeath
      I asked Ralle to delete all my resources from this site. I do not want them to be available here, and if I myself delete them, they will land in the "deleted" section, available for mods etc.

      I will probably upload them somewhere else, I pretty much got everything saved on my harddrive.

      It is a shame though, as I was/am working on a really big project (custom User Interface and icon sets).
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