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    Twisted v.1.0 Map Template

    The terrain is a bit bumpier than is really necessary, and could use a repainting, but apart from that, this is pretty good, I don't know why Septimus hates it so much. Keep trying though, 3/5
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    The Lone Panther

    Great cinematic, just a few issues: 1-Henry has got to be slightly retarded to actually believe Reege, especially when he tells him to go over to the bubbling cauldron. 2-The voice acting is pretty terrible 3-Henry's model constantly kneels and looks from side to side, which can be ignored...
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    Reputation: (Bundle) Very cool, lots of anims, sets the bar high for future models

    Reputation: (Bundle) Very cool, lots of anims, sets the bar high for future models
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    Human Warlord

    The head does look weird, but apart from that, it's pretty good 4/5 EDIT: I didn't notice how many animations there were, very nice
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    Harrier Command V2.5 AI

    I noticed that if you select something else other than your plane, you cant get control back, just thought you should know. Other than that though, great map 4/5
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    HappyTauren, you have outdone yourself. Firing Praises
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    Cylon Basestar

    this is and awesome model, exept for the 2.6k polys. oh well, its still awesome 4/5
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    very cool happytauren, again you impress us 5/5
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    thats pretty shaq-fu-ing awesome, I'm not gonna lie. unfortuneatly, it so weird its almost useless. still 4/5, and +1 when you remove the custom tex
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    this model is definitely one of the best looking to come to hive workshops in a while, unfortunatly, the animations are pretty bad 3/5
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    Tremble before me, for I am THARG! or don't I don't really care, either way I'm here, and I'm here for good. So Deal
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    Dragon Blade

    this is awesome! keep it up! 5/5
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    The Rise of the Dead

    pretty good, and very good for a first. Keep going, I'd like to see what else you do! 4/5
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    Omaha Assault

    a good, fun map, but a few nit picks: -The barricades have a ground texture -The modern soldiers have night elf names other than those cosmetic issues, its still a good map, and definitely worth a few plays 4/5
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    The Rabbit and the Sunset

    A lumberjack rabbit? oh well, its strangely epic anyway. 4/5