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  • Misha she was far from trying to provoke people. She wasn't criticizing either skins. The fact is that Master claimed that this was 100% his work. He CnP a screenshot onto the villager skin. There was little work involved, and it was pixelized to hell. He simply didn't do any work, but claimed otherwise. It's like you taking an essay I wrote, CnP it into a word document and you saying "This is 100% my work".

    are you criticising the warcraft villager skin or the Vice city skin. because that has gone really too far. and you're certainly having a blast trying to provoke people into flaming.

    woo hoo i'm really happy NOT to be a big figure here. in fact xD i don't even exist so to speak. just a small peon among the rest.
    Does this happen with your permission?
    BTNOrcUp1 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    BTNOrcUp2 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    BTNOrcUp3 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
    Please, if you have a proof that it´s not made by him, post it.
    It will be rejected if he somehow copy n´pasted or whatever.
    Haha thats kinda cute said, you really don't need to, Why I am writing here is because I just want to talk from one person to another, if you decide to tlak about your life its up to you, would be really nice to hear tho, I'm interested :)

    So what are you doing now? :)
    Umm, I know GF have the right to punish him.

    But, 1 question lies here. Does He ever make the thread at admin contact and get no reply at all ? As I recall, some people post a thread at admin contact and get no response despite a month have passed; which naturally anger them and resulted them to post it at suggestion instead.

    However, if he never post such a thread about GF at admin contact without getting any reply from GF; he deserve it. Apart from that; I do not think we could blame him for that because he might piss off.

    You know how some people could get fed up with the staff when they do not get any response.
    holy shi-
    I just tried OC for the very first time D:
    it's reallly nice for drawing and i didn't even use a tablet (mostly because i don't have one)... You got any hints for a starting OC-er?
    (thanks for the link in the sticky) <3
    Also did you make some new paintings while you were gone/me being banned from the chat? I'd love to see them because they're really nice to learn from. One more thing, I really want a tablet. But I just have no clue what to buy. Any hints/recommendations? I have about 400 euros
    of savings left from this year. But I don't really want to spend it all >.>.
    Sorry wasn't around the day of your birthday ... I was having exams.
    Anyways, I'm glad you're back and now I respect you again :D.
    People hold thing against me due to my past, my anger and my misunderstanding.
    Love is the key to grace and happiness here peeps. I have a habit of holding grudges but I still loves ya all even if I act like a raving arrogant lunatic :3 People seem to misunderstand me still, but ehh, thats their opinion, I respect yall opinions as long as you guys dont go diggin your own graves for petty grudges.
    Peace guys and much love. <3
    Thanks guys, you are all nice to me.
    So, I told my dad about you last night, most things, nothing bad, don't worry. I told him I'm planning on moving in with you, ect, ect. And long story short, he's kinda happy. In fact, if you could, he offered to fly you out here this Christmas so we can actually meet before we move in. So, if you think that's something you might wanna do, let me know. See you soon.
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