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  • Comeon, give me your skype : D I like instant messaging much more.
    Configure the spell chilling to the bones that you made to trigger/detonate when one of those spells hits a target. I can send you the map. Do you have skype ?
    Well, it's custom script (Jass) in GUI, but I can read most of that. It's when it appear in the full page text that it gets confusing. Is that not Jass too?
    Maybe I should download the demo map. I also hate Jass because I can barely ever get it to work. I have read the tutorials and understand the basic idea, but if something doesn't work right the first time, I have no idea how to trouble shoot. With GUI I can figure most things out - except bribe's DDS. :(
    I can't differentiate jass and vJass, but the guy who made them said it's Jass.
    Oh ya, I looked at that. I have no idea how it works. It was mentioned in the thread too, I don't think the guy could figure it out either.
    It's easier if you start it that way, it's a pain to switch it all over.

    Hey, I'm helping a friend with a problem. He wants to have an ability that has charges so that it can be fired say 3 times. Then it has to wait until it's cooldown gets back to the first charge to fire it once, or all the way recharged to fire 3 times again. Do you know anyway to disable the restriction on casting during cooldown? I'm looking at common.j and blizzard.j but the best I have found it switching from Ability1 to Ability2, etc. Anyway, here is the thread if you have any interest in looking into it
    Good call. I was thinking I need to put all the loops into one trigger instead of 3 or 4. Does that make sense? I could try to use loop_A - loop_D. But isn't it better to use just one trigger?
    I know but I can't do it with spells in jass that I can't read and they are not instant damage.
    I have a frost mage hero. He has spellbook with 10 spells. Some of those spells are jass, and are not made by you. 1 of them is made by you but it needs to by synced with all other spells.
    I'll have to send you the whole map and points out the spells. I can't config some spells because they are written in jass and are not instant effect. Some are DOTS. Do you have skype ?
    Hey btw man, I'm having trouble with configuring one of the spells you made for me. Because some of my other spells are not like simple GUI frost bolt but in jass and they are AOE/DOT. By any chance, can you configure all spells for the frost mage hero when you have time?
    The one where the Death Lord rises into the air and fires a red lightning bolt at the ground which moves forward in a line dealing massive damage.
    Wow, thanks!!! I will read it in the morning.

    I don't know doppleganger frorm dota. :(

    Also, AV is broken. Its not MUI. Any idea how to fix it?
    :) no rush. It's just that there is so much I need to fix. I also want to work on other things too. Icemanbo thinks the flying lightning spell in my spellpack is worth submitting but it is totally bugged right now. It will take a bit of work to fix it.
    Not a review ... a demo. Just, "hey, here is the spell, here's what it looks like, yay!" Just 1 or 2 minutes.
    I'm dead sure.I'm pumped and motivated,if a bear jumps through my window right now I will punch him in the face so hard he will fly back out
    I didn't change it on purpose. I don't think I did but you can check. I know he changed things for the purpose of the demo. Like he used cheat codes. I bet you could get him to do demo videos for your spells. They would be short and easy, so I bet he wouldn't mind. His software looks really good.
    I wonder if the abilities can be put into the items and upgraded there. But will the abilities show on the hero and will they be upgradeable?
    It runs after all human players pick heroes and then if there are any computer players.
    If you want check it out on the map. link
    It's in the folder Computer>Items for computers
    I guess its coming soon. I updated a few things. I also added a hp/mana bar size adjustment command to allow players to adjust for resolution issues in game. Of course, if different players have different resolutions it won't always look good for everyone, but I didn't want to try to make the commands local.
    yea im quite busy these days worken all the time I haven't edited in a long time on any thing though people are slowly pulling me back
    Not random. I think he does ones that he thinks are worth a review. But, I asked him to do mine. He was really nice. He asked me what style of review I wanted. His channel has a bunch of other maps and other games.
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