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  • I don't remember. Something earlier today. Advanced for me just means Jass on issues I have never thought about.
    Ya, I fixed his problem and may have raged a little but I did not flame (needlessly bashing someone personally). His map was full of Bokka Haram and ISIL references. I've never had a warning. I'm tired of people who don't want to do simple trial and error tests themselves. It's important to be a good listener to learn. Anyway, I see you're kicking ass with more and more advanced trigger knowledge. I don't think I'll ever be able to catch up.
    I passed the VT Bar in 2012. I already am a lawyer.

    I don't feel like anyone likes Micro Melee. It has like 39 downloads in a few months.
    You can't get reported for that. Your comment was just common sense. It wasn't really rude at all.

    Which project? I feel like I have 50 and I'm not really working on anything.

    I realized how to make my Mana Bar System nearly perfect ... will take time.

    I have the spell pack.

    I have a item refund system ... which could be made useful ... I guess.

    The Charged Spell system could be made MUI and be useful.

    I need to fix Micro Melee.

    I have Choplifter! 3D which I want to go back and finish.

    I want to remake a Star Wars game with super sweet UI and effects.

    Meanwhile, I should be studying more for the AK Bar Exam. lol
    Reputation (+3):
    (Post) lol - I'm gonna steal them all and post them everywhere and everyone will think I am the most glorious map maker ever!!! Muhahahaha!
    How come you're always online?

    ^Back to school huh?
    Wow man, I really appreciate you going through the trouble of showing me that and I can ... almost grasp it ... so ... close. But, alas, I don't quite get it except that it is the actual code that runs behind the GUI function. ... wait wait ... if I swint at it just right it starts making sense. Ya, you are really pushing me into something new here. I smell burning brain cells as I think this through. How do you know the actual Jass behind the GUI? Is there an dictionary of some sort?
    Hmmm, I wonder why that is. It seems like you should be able to remove it, but Icemanbo is the master. I never use it anyway, because I always pick all units in TempGroup and then destroy it.
    Oh damn. I just don't use that as a rule, but that's an extra bad function. It's blacklisted I bet.
    For some reason, when I tried to explain that in the other post, no one listened. Maybe, I should have just said, "that leaks!"

    Can't you clean the leak though by using BJ_wantDestroyGroup before the pick all units line?
    Cool, cool. Don't ask me to explain how it works. I figure it out in a glimpse of understanding and implement the idea, then I forget how it worked. This usually fails the first time and many times after, but through trial and error and many glimpses, I stumble on to the solution. Then promptly forget what I did.

    I think one trigger is the best way.
    Ya, the Charged Spell system. I think people would like it. It would come with instructions and transparent icons with numbers to put over top off what ever icon was chosen for the spell. I don't think there is currently any system that does this.

    Re: Aeros Vex. Yuck, that does not sound fun. What if I put all of the actions into one loop trigger? Then I should be able to use a single timer and have it run through the stages without jumping to other triggers. This way, I only need to deindex once, right?
    Ya, I made custom icons, lol. If I could make spells have subscript, I would be a master. It is not necessary though, you could just use the tooltips. Also, I could make transparent plates of 0-9 to go along with it so people could just paste it on what ever icon they want.

    You should make it a spell system. I would if I was good enough.

    It needs your linked list / spell ID.

    It could also use a better "wait" system.
    My timer clock is not MUI.
    Sweet! The demo works perfect, but it has the limitations I mentioned.
    It's time for me to make some dinner, now.
    You mean like this?


    This has a 2 pixel gap instead of the 1 pixel gap on the original. It's less blurry. But it gets stretched for structures, there is nothing I can do about that.
    I know you saw them and didn't like them. I was asking "why" to give me a better idea of what you do want. It's ok though, sorry for the confusion.

    Yes, that is possible. I may even be able to make one hi-res (256x32). What do you think of the one I made?

    Do you want it to have exponentially smaller segments?

    Do you want the dividers to be straight or shaped? (note the difference between mine and 7bars)

    So you want a smooth shading or a ridge? (note the difference between mine and arrowbars)
    It just doesn't match the selection circles. What is it you want exactly? Because everything I keep making looks like other things. It's 128x16 so there is not a lot of wiggle room. But, inside those dimensions anything is possible (with a 1 pixel black border).
    MMMmmm, I'm hungry.

    Dude, this is hard. There isn't much to work with and the black background is hard coded in there, it's not like the circle where you can use transparency.
    Because I'm not that good yet. It's got some trickiness going on. I was pretty clever to get it to where I did.
    check it out. I did it, but it's not MUI :(
    Someone with more skill than I could make it MUI but it would take me way too long.
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