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    The first try, yes, thank god it works. Now the optimization comes, moving the
    connections ( so they don't connect to that top left point, but anywhere on the site)
    and of course adding edges, they are missing at the moment.

    What are you working on ?
    Well as in textual explanation. You'd then work in a separate new map every time something comes up to be made, and then I'd have to import the made things in the map manually.
    Well we can do it in two ways:
    1. Either by me sending you what I need, so you make those when you have time;
    2. Or by working directly on the map.

    What suits you better?
    Oh I see, I wonder if I can change the location where they get preloaded :)

    Edit: Yeah I guess I should attach the SFX instead, since there can only be one dummy unit XD
    KILLCIDE there's something I noticed in your Arcane Bomb spell. When I start the map, arcane bomb missile spawns at middle of the map. I just noticed this when I changed the model of the dummy in the object editor. I'm not sure how this keep on happening, but is it meant to be like that?
    You mean the dummy missile that has SFX attach to it? I removed it and used the ancient protector missile model as a rock, I didn't remove the SFX created when the dummy missile is destroyed.
    Yow KILLCIDE, I edited your Arcane Bomb Spell

    I was trying to make a simple rock throw in your triggers, oh and by the way. Is it okay if I did that :vw_wtf:

    It works fine, throws a rock at the targeted location and upon impact will damage enemies. I wanted to show to you because I removed a lot of things on the triggers and if there is still somethings that I should remove.
    Hehe, thank you ^^ as I said, only the beginning
    Weird. It fails to generate the thumbnail. What kind of image is it? Is it really a JPG?
    That picture is from the pastebin? Well, I can't tell. Is the image valid?

    Deleted files disappear immediately but I may be able to recover lost files within a month after from the backups.
    Aight, thank you, I will try that!
    Hm, good idea, but if you imagine it, then it will be just a snake, one room follows another :/
    I think one would need chances to connect rooms, then it should somehow work
    Well, currently I pick a random room and check the distance to all other rooms.
    Then I pick the one with the shortest distance and connect them.
    Then I pick the picked one and connect it to another room, not being the same as the first picked one.
    However, this is too linear, not randomized enough. One ends up with having connections like snakes.

    Wareditor, a user who works on a vJass Dungeon Generator,
    adviced to create first the floors and then print in the rooms.
    That's however totally different to what I already have, though I like the idea.

    What are your thoughts ?
    Oh, excuse if my words weren't clear enough :/
    I will try better next time! :)

    Yup, it is awesome ^^ costed me 5 days to create it, now it
    magically pops up randomized rooms ^^ connecting those rooms is a pain, sadly.
    It is not the connection itself, but the randomization. If you have any idea, let me know.
    I wanted to add a screenshot in my album, might make one later.
    However, random room generation is only the beginning.
    I already talked about it a few months ago,
    but I will create my map a 100% with my dungeon generator, like.. everything ^^
    Ah no, it is not about the grid system, but something new I work on :)
    Haha, yes!

    Hm, I more or less paused it, there is an ugly coding part to do next and
    I don't know how to code it. I try to create a dungeon generator for my map project
    and I already created successfully randomized rooms, but now I have to
    connect them somehow and it is pain to code that, at least for me.
    Nah, I don't think one can simplify it.
    It is just a big system requiring many checks and loops,
    but thanks for the suggestion.

    Haha, I see :)
    Hehe yeah ^^' I had one case where I had at least 1024 loop runs, not even speaking
    of actions, another loop within that loop with at least around total 1500 runs.
    Yeah, my coding concepts suck, I know..

    Something else interesting happening ?
    Hm, yes, indeed, like: 'Every second the unit is in combat, its damage is increased by X, with a maximum of Y damage'

    Good, thank you for asking, Simple Grid was approved, about SetUpGrid there is the
    issue with index 0 and 1 as inital one.
    Not sure what I continue to code now, I have some ideas, but I always manage to reach operation limit, somehow..
    Hm, indeed an interesting idea.
    I am excited how you execute it if you decide to do it
    A system tro replace the default combat
    or a system to make units enter combat under certain situations ?
    Oho, yes, I see ^^
    What is your next plan, spell-wise ?
    Yup, looks great!
    Quite creative and complex, probably longest conf I have ever seen
    Congrats on getting your first 5/5 and reaching your goal :)
    Yeah, well, only set it if you want the spell to keep going from the loop trigger. So only put it at the bottom of a block that only executes while the spell isn't yet finished.
    OK, found the problem: you never set Spell__Time. You need to set it to Spell__Interval from the OnEffect trigger as well as within the OnLoop trigger, otherwise the system thinks it doesn't have to do anything else.

    Either that or set Spell__Duration instead, which is probably better.
    Hey I just wanted to inform you that it works really fine, I thought the hp bar would be a problem when the dummy spawns. But I figured it out by putting -1 on the units selection sacle and its hp bar is gone.
    Its okay man no need to say sorry, besides your in school. Whenever you had time dude, I'll be looking forward you to show me how.
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