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  • Should I also delete:

    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
    If - Conditions
    AB_CounterKills[AB_Spell_ID] Greater than or equal to AB_RequiredKills[AB_AbilityLvl[AB_Spell_ID]]
    Then - Actions
    Trigger - Run AB L Create <gen> (ignoring conditions)
    Special Effect - Create a special effect at AB_BombLoc using AB_SFXExplode
    Special Effect - Destroy (Last created special effect)
    -------- --------
    -------- throwing units around for shockwave --------
    Custom script: set bj_wantDestroyGroup = true
    Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units within AB_SW_AoE of AB_BombLoc) and do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Set AB_TempUnit = (Picked unit)
    If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
    If - Conditions
    (AB_TempUnit is A structure) Equal to False
    (AB_TempUnit is A flying unit) Equal to False
    (AB_TempUnit is Magic Immune) Equal to False
    (AB_TempUnit is alive) Equal to True
    (AB_TempUnit belongs to an enemy of AB_Owner[AB_Spell_ID]) Equal to True
    Then - Actions
    Set AB_TempLoc = (Position of AB_TempUnit)
    Set Knockback2DAngle = (Angle from AB_TempLoc to AB_BombLoc)
    Set Knockback2DDistance = AB_SW_KBDistance
    Set Knockback2DTime = AB_KBTime
    Set Knockback2DLoopFX = <Empty String>
    Set Knockback2DUnit = AB_TempUnit
    Trigger - Run Trigger (checking conditions)
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_AB_TempLoc)
    Else - Actions
    -------- TempUnit did not pass filters; shockwave will not affect this target --------
    Else - Actions
    -------- RequiredKills was not met; do not activate shockwave --------
    Would it be possible to remove the knockback from Arcane Bomb?
    I have an Idea for an eye candy factor (which you don't have to consider it's just an offshoot idea)

    Instead of all the lightning-effects ending at the caster it could follow an orb that rotates around the caster which subsequently drains itself INTO the caster.

    I guess in this way you could possibly find a way to "Over Charge" the Casting hero in which any over-drained HP is converted into a mana battery that rotates and follows him.

    I have no idea how that can be coded but it's just an idea.
    Dota Wc3 Pugna has life drain which converts any over-heal into mana and that's what I'd like to be mimic'd if possible. The damage can be the way it is handled in Vanilla but for your sake if you are able to make a configurable interval for your own uploading pleasure (because you LOVE making it ultra-customizable) then a configurable interval would be lovely!

    This looks really good! I was going to give it to my Earth based hero but I guess I'm going to create a new hero based on green energy!
    Haha. Fire a second spell. Like Diablo II. I have 'smart' trigger attack(ability) when it is on a unit in range. I want to use the left-click to fire another ability.

    It must exist in Jass if it can be used to select a unit or item.... right?

    Well, it is possible. It's here if you can make any sense of it please let me know. Also, if you were able or had the time, maybe you might put it in my map for me. Leave me with an event I can use. I mean, it's a big ask, so only if you have the time.
    Oops, sorry. I know that. I meant left-click. It can select thing, but I want to just detect when it happens even if there is nothing to select.
    Maybe you should take a look into this.
    When you scroll down a bit to "Parabola for different starting and end height"
    the tutorial should cover all your question.

    I'm currently at the university. I'm home in the evening.
    Assuming the factorisation is correct, the parabola function itself looks ok to me.

    Custom script: set udg_AB_Height = udg_AB_Height - GetLocationZ(udg_AB_BombLoc)
    What does this line do?

    Are you trying to keep the fly height if the terrain level changes?
    If so the correct formula for that is
    set z = OriginLocationZ - CurrentLocationZ
    while OriginLocationZ was the terrain z value where you launched the projectile. You'll have to cache it.
    And CurrentLocationZ is the terrain z the projectile is at the moment.
    Just send me what you've got for example via pastebin entry.
    If you don't mind making it public you can also post in Triggers&Scripts.
    Anyway I'll have a look into it.
    For Forked Drain a lightning effect is wanted yes - but for Earth Tap (If you consider it) could be like your mana orb things but it could be area targetted and the orbs could fly to the caster.

    Yes actually I hope you won't get creeped out but I like checking out your spells and requests because they are Wc3 eye candy.
    You can change these spells up any way you want like you did to Spreading Plague! Just the general idea is what I'd like. The Drain is referenced to Siphon mana from the bloodmage which pushes your max mana over the maximum pool. It's fine if you can't do this but it would be nice.

    Maybe something like this
    Forked Drain

    Calls forth a channeled cone of draining energy on a target enemy unit, hitting up to (VARIABLE) enemy units
    draining (VARIABLE) life per second and transferring it to the caster. During the channeling any affected non-hero units will be rooted (entangled). Any over-drained health is (VARIABLE PERCENT) converted
    into mana. Forked drain can push the casters mana over its maximum value, dissipating at (VARIABLE) seconds over time.

    Earth Tap

    GENERIC DESCRIPT: Low cooldown, far ranged, medium radius area effect spell.

    The caster taps the earth underneath the target area, damaging any target units by a (VARIABLE) percent of their HP and briefly rooting them. Any damage done is added to the casters mana pool.

    Oh don't be sorry! Haha
    Hey Killcide! Now that your Arcane Bomb spell is done have you considered Earth Tap or anything new in general?
    Yep! That is the easiest way. Sometimes units can have fly height even if they aren't a flying unit, e.g. if they are "hover" (Lich). So it is good to check it for everyone.
    Choose a random angle and a random distance first, and then calculate that endpoint (x = start point x + distance * Cos(angle), y = start point y + distance * Sin(angle)), and determine the Z of that point (GetLocationZ).
    Ya, I thought of that too, but it is not realistic. I'm going with disabling the minimap and setting camera bounds.
    Well, if spell drains 50 and unit has 45, I think it'd be best to not "touch" those units. Generally, enemies in my map rarely run out of mana so they'll always have that little to become affected by the spell.

    One more thing tho, if the hero has a certain item called Moonchant Gem, the spell should update to cause heroes, ally or enemy, to drop two orbs instead of one.
    Yo dude, we are trying to create an LoL club at NA. If you are interested and you are at NA, befriend me (Arad MNK) and send me a VM. I'll add you to the club.
    If you are at EUW, contact this guy.

    I've been wasting my time making this Diablo II remake. I think it might have been a bad idea since it is such a big project. I wimped out on it too and decided it should be 1 player because I didn't want to write everything MUI. It's pretty sweet though. Triggered footstep sounds, dynamic environments, attachment equipment system, key movements, triggered attack, enterable houes and cave. Check it out and tell me what you think. ..."Stay a while and listen..." :D
    I am not that worried. It might not be perfect, but the whole thing will become useless if someone makes a nice model for us. For now, it's a nice effect.
    AoE slightly increases with every level. Other than that and mana value, nothing scales with levels that's codeable. If a unit has less mana than there should be for drain, they will not lose mana - guess that could be the most logical solution. Full mana chars should not be able to get mana orbs. And no, I've got no air units currently in map. Just one thing, the spell should be instant cast, not AoE targetable.

    Other than that, when I add SFX that's been made for that spell, it's gonna look lovely :)
    For now, it's gorgeous :D
    Dunno, someone hosting it being quite new to the site or something
    Ah I see :)
    Yeah, I am also not sure whether I would like to enter,
    I don't have a good feeling about it
    In your Arcane Bomb System Requirements description:

    Check Walkability
    Prevents meteor from rolling out of bounds or into terrain and
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