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  • Thanks! :D

    Edit: hory shet its in im wondering about the units...
    Edit 2: got some errors.. get on chat and I'll send you the map
    Yes yes, and I can take care of the units if you dont understand :>
    Oh bugger I have no knowledge in terms of using the Bonus Mod, thanks for the reply dude. I'll try if I can used this anyway.
    Yow KILLCIDE, do you know how to increase the attack speed of a hero by 5% (max 100%) on each attack and turns the attack speed bonus to 0% when the hero switches an attack target or stops attacking?

    I know it uses DDS System though.
    Didn't work, it turns out to be an infinite loop D:

    Set SpawningItem[1] = |c0000ffffSword|r
    Set SpawningItem[2] = |c00cc00ccDagger|r
    Set SpawningItem[3] = |c00ff0000Axe|r
    Set SpawningItem[4] = |c00ffff00Wand|r
    Set SpawningItem[5] = |c00006666Iron Chestplate|r
    Set SpawningItem[6] = |c0099ff99Night Mail|r
    Set SpawningItem[7] = |c006600ccLight Boots|r
    Set SpawningItem[8] = Crap
    Set SpawningItemTotal = 8
    For each (Integer A) from 1 to 5, do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Set SpawningItemTotal = (SpawningItemTotal + 1)
    Set SpawningItem[SpawningItemTotal] = Healing Potion
    For each (Integer A) from 1 to 5, do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Set SpawningItemTotal = (SpawningItemTotal + 1)
    Set SpawningItem[SpawningItemTotal] = Swiftness Potion
    For each (Integer A) from 1 to 5, do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Set SpawningItemTotal = (SpawningItemTotal + 1)
    Set SpawningItem[SpawningItemTotal] = Instant Healing Potion
    For each (Integer A) from 1 to SpawningItemTotal, do (Actions)
    Loop - Actions
    Custom script: loop
    Set CP_Point = (Random point in (Playable map area))
    Trigger - Run Check Walkability <gen> (checking conditions)
    Custom script: exitwhen udg_CP_PointIsWalkable == true
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_CP_Point)
    Custom script: endloop
    Item - Create SpawningItem[(Integer A)] at CP_Point
    Custom script: call RemoveLocation(udg_CP_Point)
    Yours works for sure too.

    It's coming along well. (check it) There is still so much to do. I've made more models and more skins. Simple edits, but they are fun to make and look more like what I want than anything already made. Did you see my Blood Raven?
    Tier 0 has a small yellow fire while others have bigger orange fire.
    Well, I will get around to it at some point. It would be cool to be able to use 2 attacks with just the mouse buttons.
    Lol its the same link as yesterday but I posted it on chat anyways.
    Sorry, I was busy with something else. I'll do it now

    EDIT: Possible. Do you want to keep the dark color of the spikes to make difference between Tier 1 and 2?
    No that's it for right now. It has a lot of custom models, icons and code though and keeps me busy. I've learned a little about geomerging, scaling and skinning models. I haven't looked into trackables yet. Would you know how to set a point from player left-clicks a location?
    As if I didn't already owe you, I guess you have a few favors you can call in whenever you like. Just let me know what I can do for you.
    Maybe I can group the vertexes on the top of the spikes so I can scale and stretch them in and out... I'll find out if it's possible.

    EDIT: Oh shi- gave you the wrong model, it's now updated in the pastebin. Recheck the link in the PM again...
    I'm having trouble importing massive cleave to my map, something about "expected name" or something. It keeps disabling the main jass trigger for the spell. Thought you'd know how to help me. :ogre_rage:
    Darker fire would be barely noticeable in game, also think about the rest... lightning cant be dark?
    Oh, I didn't know you could color attachments too... lol

    I sent it on the chat.. no wonders you didn't reply xD
    I'll resent it again, go on chat.
    About your arcane bomb, how did you colorize the special effect lightning to purple?

    EDIT: Have you received the new version of the tower yet?
    Why that depends on how well you can make triggers haha.

    If it's too much to ask one orb is perfectly excellent.
    So maybe a second ability the hero has that can "blow up" the mana orb and absorb the mana in it - in a sense? So there doesn't have to be a checker for the orb to empty into the hero when he loses mana. It's fine if the caster doesn't use the "orbs" mana when casting spells.

    Burst Orb: Blows up the oldest orb and absorbs the mana inside of it. Excess mana is lost.
    The targetted units will lose life and never mana, correct. And the life drain it's fine what you have is perfectly workable! It seems most fitting anyways - no need for Earthifying it.

    The little idea that I thought of to circumvent the inability to over-max the caster is to make a "Dummy Sphere" that follows him that absorbs excess mana and drains it into him when he needs it.
    When transferring I get an error for missing variables: AB_StartHeight, and AB_EndHeight
    Apologies for the barrage.

    What is the difference between Ab and AB w/ SS? Do I need both folders?
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