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  • So you are telling me that I should use second unit group to put inside only X units, from the pick up group?
    No, what do you mean? this link. I saved it like 3 times and it's the correct one and not the one in your hidden tag.

    Turn on all it's layers. Every layer is an update, as you requested. The blue layer was here when you sent me the "HiveIcons.psd", so I just kept it. You can turn it off, merge the layers if you wish, I don't know how you need them exactly (separated or not).
    Hey, in case you haven't seen it, I edited my post. A few times.
    Well vJASS structs are just arrays internally since JASS is not object oriented. Example:
    this.member1 = StructName_member1[this]
    Good job on the explanation of Atan2 for Ardenian. I expected Ardenian would learn it on his own that's why I didn't explain.
    What? That's 3 versions ago. I was making it blurrier with every request for more blurriness you made :cgrin: check out the last version provided below

    (or previous ones if you want less blurriness. Cuz I was really getting confused, I made 3 blurrier than the original versions and you still needed more xD I got to a point where I didn't want to add more cuz it just ruind the quality too much)
    Well they do in the last version, I made them pretty light.

    Should I make another edit? More blur?
    But that's what I did with the last two versions - first one, slight blur, now, a lot of blur, around the eye and edge. So, more? This is as blurry as I find acceptable (it looks as if resized from a large image now. Because, when resizing from large to small stuff get blurry :p just what he wants :cgrin:

    If that doesn't work as well, perhaps he just doesn't like the pig. As an idea, design, etc. We can try a new pig pose, but I doubt it will work. Besides, there isn't much room for a different pose when working with a 28x28 image. Obviously we want the pig to look right and not look up or down too much, so come to think of it, even if I had resized some of those other images I showed you, the result would have been very very similar.

    So I'm thinking it must be the pig itself.
    I did that. It looked blurry and shitty.

    Did Ralle check out the latest version? I made it more blurred and smooth (but still destinguishable).
    A last case scenario would be to add a blur filter instead, that would be beast. Like 25% blurriness should make it right.
    Yes. It is. I do however plan to make it so all imported pastes will exist for at least 3 months so none of this will happen.

    I also plan for a feature to warn people that their paste is due to expire.
    How did I manage to fuck that up as well? I think it worked in roi's system... Sigh. Sorry I got you into this moose :X
    On Hive 1 a paste is kept alive as long as people have viewed it before it expires. On Hive 2 it expires as soon as the expiry time from the submission time is reached.
    Did you know your paste was due to expire after 7 days of no views? On Hive 2 it does not depend on views, so it gets deleted as soon as it's x days old.
    Wat? Would make more sense for it to deal damage on the 5th and then go away. That way it will deal damage for every second for 5 seconds. Without the final damage, it's damage for every second for 4 seconds.

    What does DoT stand for btw?
    You sent me a message in the chat, I was at that point away for my yearly checkup at a hospital. I'm just curious, what was your question?
    Btw, you got the trigger done? I've been playing games in my spare time but I was thinking I could work a bit on the map as well (set the costs and such. There isn't really much else to do atm)
    I don't know.. something about it is bugging me. Give it some more time so that you get bored of it and judge it again before proceeding forward.

    (btw, pick a version from the two)

    edit: the ear is a bit blurry. I'll try fixing it later
    Not because it is just looking better right now right? (it had fatter lineart and the downscaling made it look better)
    Nah, it looks awful and isn't readable. I'll get ot pixel arting them at some point. Just pick a pose first cuz I don't want to pixel art all 3 xD (I'm bad at pixel art so it takes me more time to get it right)
    The monocle and the left eye? Meaning? The monocle I get, but you want me to add him a left eye? He already has one xD

    edit: oh you mean a little dot of light? I don't think that will be visible on a small emot. We'll see though.
    Can you link me the pastebin entry you talked about? I will make some tests.
    So that I don't have to re-upload. Like giving your pastebin entry to me.
    Woah, 45 MB. I don't think I can upload something that big. Since it was just a WiP, maybe the code and map is enough. Thanks anyway for making it.
    Sure! But I don't have access to my PC for another two weeks, so I'll have to make the update then.
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