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  • Have you heard anything about rhetorical questions? They teach it in high schools, I guess.
    Given all that opinions presented after my complain, it was no other way for you to not notice what I meant! So many people after me came and pointed out the unfairness and you still questioned me with, as you call it, a snarky question. And the best way to answer a snarky or rhetorical question, is by answering it with a snarky comment. Let's face it, I know and you know why you made that comment.
    And let's leave it to it that you win and I'm a loser and a jealous person. Best way to end this conversation, right?
    All this talk was going on, and I didn't have anything to say to any of the opinions , but this comment and its coming from you, who immediately took action against posting in spell section and calling it unfair, triggered me. Other than that I have nothing to say or argue about.
    By saying this:

    Are you implying that you and or anyone else deserve more votes? That's a bit egotistic.
    I take it that you are not aware of the unfairness. Not only it makes you look like a snob, it somewhat states that you think everything is in place and it's me that got jealous.
    3 days, 6 lessons (Science, Language, Math, Civic Ed, Social/Economy/History, and English)
    function GroupGetRandomUnit takes group whichGroup returns unit
    local unit FoG
    local group swap = CreateGroup()
    local integer count = 0
    local integer random
    set UNIT_VAR = null

    set FoG = FirstOfGroup(whichGroup)
    exitwhen FoG == null
    call GroupRemoveUnit(whichGroup, FoG)

    set count = count +1
    call GroupAddUnit(swap, FoG)

    set random = GetRandomInt(0, count)
    set count = 0

    set FoG = FirstOfGroup(swap)
    exitwhen FoG == null
    call GroupRemoveUnit(swap, FoG)
    call GroupAddUnit(whichGroup, FoG)

    set count = count +1
    if count == random then
    set UNIT_VAR = FoG

    call DestroyGroup(swap)
    set swap = null
    return UNIT_VAR
    If you dont need to keep the group, you can also do it in one loop by using the (almost) same calculation as the GUI one.
    The GUI has a small calculation flaw.
    Gratz for spell reviewer! ;D
    Anyways, what happened to Ardenian ;-;
    Waat. Can I see them?

    Also, the trigger viewer scrolls for me. Wasn't that what I promised?
    Web design is barely programming. I only make 1 image move ever so slightly. HTML and CSS are really just mark-up languages like BBcode. You should look into learning HTML, you will blow through it at lightning speed with what you already know. You can be designing websites in no time. I used to host too. They are only $0.99 a month. 40 gbs and 100 email accounts. $12.99 for the domain name. It's a very good deal. CSS3 is getting to be sort of fun too and some animation and games might be possible with it. js is really the programming language of the web, but it's a lot like JASS and I can't look at it ... lol. Well, that's not true, I do a little. I made a redirect page and some simple popups. The contact form is PHP and that's another programming language, it's a bit easier on the eyes than js but it's more for back-end mechanics whereas js is for user facing functionality.

    No, I haven't seen the Hive2's bbcode. I noticed the html/"rich text" editor.
    Ya, I used a template for the hamburger menu that appears on mobile devices, but the rest is from scratch. HTML is easy like bbCode. CSS is pretty easy too and it's all 2d layout. I'm pretty good with that stuff.
    sure I will in future - the only one I have my eye on is chronosphere - other than that I'm waiting for the others I've reviewed to update (if they don't I'll move on to others)
    I licensed in Vermont have been since 2014. I just moved to Alaska and had to take the AK Bar Exam. The transitions are to avoid having to preload ... because I hate js. But, I think it works nicely and I really like how simple it all is. My next big project will be trying to create a client portal for clients to be able to log in and view/download their documents, calandars and invoices.
    Greetings ;) i really like ur volatile light Spell ! :p I'ma gonna ask u a request? If u played World of warcraft Cataclysm u know at the end there is a video that thrall is using Demon soul to Hurt Deathwing :p i cant make the spell to look like this but if u can make it i would really appreciate it
    It's my fault, I don't want to bug him with stuff like that. It's really just a few hours of work. I have the map file, I didn't lose anything important like that.

    Hey, check out my website:
    Well nothing really. It all works good enough but everything really needs to be re-written to work properly. Things are a bit jumpy and buggy. It's just not as smooth as playing Diablo II. But, it's about ready for release I guess. I had a pastebin accident thought. I guess I left it on delete after a month and I didn't update it. I lost my credits and screenies. :( I had a fancy table of credits with thumbnails that linked to the resources.
    Since like November or something. It has a lot of nice systems and has a very distinct Diablo II feel, but it is still not 100% polished. I think I lack the skill to give it a real fine gloss.
    It's pretty much done. I am waiting for minimage to give me permission to use his WIP UI.

    New VIdeo too!
    Good :cgrin:

    So, with these finals (highschool) I didn't really have much time to test the map and at last I did so, but it seems I can make footmans even when I don't have the required food and they still spawn.. Well, technically, they spawn only shadows but it's kinda weird. Am I doing something wrong? Do I have to edit something before starting the map?
    I kinda left this map for a week or so and I intend to play lots of games now, having finished school, but I might come back to it soon so I wanted to ask before this gets way behind us and when reviving the topic would be, hmm.. inappropriate.
    Ah, I didn't see... I'll fix these picked units. I can't understand how you want me to use one loop to do the things... show me.
    Ok, I will create a second unit group and add X units from the first to the second with loop. But I don't see the difference if I'm removing units from the old, or transfering some from the old to a new...
    Ok, I changed the If/Then/Else. Do you like it now? And, is there anything else you think must be changed in the spell?
    thanks fo the ttutorial, i will see it. about the If/then/else actions - I can do them to multiple action, but I did not, to save save space. Is it better?
    Yes, but first I have to pick them. I can't filter them without first picking them, right?
    How would this happen in one if/then/else when I first have to filter the units and then reduce their count?
    As far as I know, it is different for each model. I don't think anyone has made a list of them, but if there was one, it'd probably go in the tutorials section as a reference.
    I think the hard part is where I have to calculate is this teh nearest unit, compared to others, and then to jump to another nearest unit...
    Tank commander told me that I should pick closest units. Do you know how this is done in jass?
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