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    Project Asian Clans Needs Help

    If you go through with this project :D :@..... well, lets just say I like snow and blood too. Aswell as asian cinema. You say you want a unique combat system? I think I may have the perfect idea for you.... First we strip down the heroes. Give them no damage (WHAT?), replace mana with...
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    Lttp: epic rpg (wip)

    I like the way it's shaping up, a war 3 incarnation of "A Link to the Past" can't go wrong. Nothing can beat the old game boy's and super nintendo's when it comes to action and puzzle RPG's, and I reckon a mod with that style of approach would be a welcome change to the growing amount of generic...
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    tayren's casting shokwaves

    Its not easy to teach these kind of things, it is much easier to learn through experience.... but I will try. This might not work correct, and it may be worded wrong, but it should point you in the right direction. I think using variables like a point varible and a timer variable would make this...
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    Stat multiplication spell help needed!!

    This the kind of thing you are looking for? Stat Multi Thing Events Unit - A unit Finishes casting an ability Conditions (Ability being cast) Equal to Cluster Rockets Actions Unit - Cause (Triggering unit) to damage (Target unit of ability being...
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    Life Regeneration while fighting

    Check out the "gameplay constants" in the advanced menu. There is a constant called "Combat - Armour Damage Reduction Multiplier".
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    Creeps agro range

    This is a unit editor tutorial definition of aquisition range - Combat - Acquisition Range (Real) The range at which a unit/building/hero will automatically look for targets, and move or attack the target as necessary. Note that the attacking range of a unit/building/hero can never be...
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    Disabling Upkeep

    in gameplay constants the last 3 are about upkeep. I just delete all values in those 3 rows and it gets rid of all the upkeep sounds n such for me. There's probably a way to do it through triggers, but like I said, this works :P
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    About "Unit-Remove Ability"

    in the condition did you put what ability is to be removed? and what's the event causing the ability to be removed?
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    Using Warcraft Editor Unlimited to change unit range in game

    I don't see how you are going to work it that way personally. What I would try to do is create an upgrade for range using the night elf upgrade "improved bows" and set the amount of levels for it as the amount of different weapons you want to adjust the range for. So then if the sniper rifle was...
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    Creeps agro range

    combat : aquisition range. Change it for each individual creep, not the heroes. Also you can set up triggers to change the aquisition range for any event you require, eg. specific creeps in region or time of day
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    Custom Destructible questions:

    Yeah this question should of been in a world editor help forum. Question 1. It's because the corn doodad model has no death animation, so it remains permanantly in the game. I suggest you change the corn model from a destructable to a unit, set it's death animation time to the lowest possible...
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    Need ideas for the map's name

    OFCOURSE! sticking to your description, why not just call it Celestial Impact : Armageddon That way they short version is CI:A or just CIA and it'll grab attention when hosted
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    War of the Gods or Times of Trouble

    War of the Gods sounds a bit generic, like a title for an oldschool mythological movie (eg. Clash of the Titans) and Times of Trouble sounds a little weak for how epic your theme is. Maybe if you switch the words around an call it "Troubled Times" you can keep your TT and it flows a little smoother.
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    Need ideas for the map's name

    This is what I came up with based on your description. (names can be a real bitch, but I love the challenge.) Celestial Impact : Rise of the Abyss similar to what you are looking for?
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    I need some partners to Last stand

    I am new to modelling as I have only just recently taught myself (through use of forums) the a-z of gmax's basic war III modelling. I am currently about to begin work on my own project, however I am waiting for it to gain some interest so I'd like to take this opportunity to attempt some models...