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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    The patch 1.28.5 was stable enough for gaias, you could try that one out. Though, no matter what patch you use, you still will experience desyncs in blackfire every now and then just because of the way it was implemented.
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    Trying to get back

    Here's the link to the discord: Join the Gaia's Retaliation Official Discord Server! It's not as active as it was some time ago, but still, there are some people appearing now and then to play some Gaias.
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    How to play online?

    Hosting via sites is obsolete now. Since one of the patches, the games are hosted on's servers so you don't have to configure anything to play with others. Just host a custom game and play, it's simple as that. Classic version doesn't change anything in terms of custom maps or melee...
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    Dazing traps

    It's not really useful in the open world against common mobs however, it's quite good against mobs in dungeons because your team might need a bit of time to get rid of the dungeon mobs and with the trap, you can kill them one by one. Pretty much all bards and assassins take dazing trap when they...
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    Transfer Vault from v1.2c(18) to v1.2d(2)

    It's nearly impossible, so it's better if you just forget about the vault and create a new one. Even with two people, it's almost impossible. If you don't have a keystone from Blackfire, you would need to reach floor 10 to get the keystones to get the trinkets out but you would likely get wiped...
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    Some Questions

    The Blackfire Deep's entrance is located in Dun Haldran (the town in the snowy area). And nope, you can't solo it. You need at least a party of 3 to be able to handle it, but it's only for the first 10 floors, later you would need to get a team of 5 people. If you need more info, there's a guide...
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    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    Will there be some kind of an official announcement about your plans, Zwieb?
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    New PTR Patch - more Gaias development?

    Zwieb, you probably have it in your mind, but still. The map doesn't feel complete no matter how you look at it, so it would be really nice if you could put a proper end to Gaias. Even without the new cool and fancy assets and models. And of course, if it won't take a shit ton of time.
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    lfp iccup/eurobattle

    The discord server is quite active, but the thing is nobody there uses iccup/eurobattle because most of the pirates purchased the game after Wc3:Reforged was announced.
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    Six player instances (intended?)

    That randomly generated dungeon is for 5 people. I believe it was made just because of clunky wc3's UI that doesn't allow to have more than 6 icons in the top left corner (Your hero, backpack + 4 other characters). Just the presence of a sixth player makes the game harder for healers.
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    Item Drope List (Last version)

    There is already a completed droplist of all items, but you need to join our discord server to be able to use it. Here's the link: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers
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    Any progress report?

    Briefly, Zwiebelchen just needs the next version of WorldEditor, because the current one has some limitations that don't allow him to keep working on the map. Though, it's not guaranteed that the next version will not have the same limitations.
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    Gaias Retaliation: Extension Package (v1.6)

    uploaded the package to google drive:
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    Gaias Retaliation: Remastered

    @JuanShadows don't worry, the map is still being developed. There are no many updates lately because Zwiebelchen is a busy person. Though, as he said, he's going to work on bugfixes within next few weeks.
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    Gaias Retaliation ORPG v1.2D(5)

    @StormJack make sure that your friend has all video settings set at max and skip the intro when you pick a character because it causes desyncs sometimes. @ironymon nope, there is no such feature, most parts of the map are made for 4-6 players, though, there are some things for solo playthrough...