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Last Activity:
Jan 20, 2015
May 4, 2008


I Will Never Be A Memory, from Quebec

kevv2 was last seen:
Jan 20, 2015
    1. Dragonson
      My continuous thanks, again, for keeping the waiting list updated kevv. ^^
      You really are awesome.
    2. Dragonson
      Happy 100 Reputation Day! :D
    3. Dragonson
    4. Dragonson
      Oh and, Take Millzy off the list too.
      He got his sig made by someone else, so his spot on the waiting list will be revoked. :P
    5. Dragonson
      Oy Kevv, you dont have to add Chila's request to the list.
      I'l be doing it off-waiting line, since it was me that asked if he wanted something cool made.
    6. Dragonson
      Your sig is in the thread. :P
    7. Dragonson
      Okay kevv, for you sig
      I've been thinking about what text to add to your sig apart from just "Kevv2", since you deserve something extra.
      I know that a phrase often associated with Sephiroth is "I will never be a memory."
      Now, that phrase is very overused, so i've been thinking about something cool that could be used instead.

      My best idea so far is "I will be remembered."
      Sounds more like something an actual person would have as their signature. ;)
    8. Dragonson
      yo gottit!
    9. Dragonson
      Sephiroth. Something with a scythe maybe?
      If i cant find a good pick of Sephiroth?
    10. Dragonson
      Btw, Kevv?
      About your sig:
      I've really been thinking about what i could do with it, and i've gotta say:
      I might be able to make a relatively cool sig with teh patapon theme, but you've done so much for Bladetitan that i wanna' make something REALLY awesome for ya'.

      Are you sure there isnt some other theme that'd work for you too? :S
    11. Faith
      Alright, I am canceling my avatar request. I just can't wait any longer. Thanks.
    12. Avex
      Ha, your Sephiroth avatar brings back a ton of memories.
    13. RED BARON
      Okay, when you need it again just tell.. I have it around 30% made.
    14. RED BARON
      I can send it too, remind me ind a pm so I can answer it back in private :D (Referring to SC2). Btw: Wasn't your screen the one with the hourglass?
    15. Midnighters
      Hey, do you have msn? Cause I wanna talk to you.
    16. Midnighters
      Well, I will see what I can do. :P
    17. Midnighters
      If you need help sprucing up that site with the html let me know.
    18. Dragonson
      Heh. :P I'm too lazy to do any kind of code other than BB.
      I am very gratefull for what you're doing, so just take your time pal. :D
    19. Dragonson
      Thanks man! I really appreciate the stuff you're doing. :D
      You can add yourself to the team as "Coordinator". ^^
      I'l tell peopple to give you some credit too.

      The stuff you've done on the page is all fine. :)
      Keep it updated and i will rep you whenever i can!

      I will also be having some info about the team in the first post.
      So you don't have to add too much on the page. :)
    20. Dragonson
      Your sig is finished m8. :)

      It's not like what i usually do, but i think you'l like it. :)
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    SC2 RPG
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    US East
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    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned
    Starcraft II Beta Testers


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