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  • It wasn't me that made it like that. Someone edited it as you said. I'll put it back. Thanks for letting me know that someone else had a laugh at our expense.
    hi its Lord_DianWei/ Lord_Gongsun-Zan from clan dwt i was just wondering if u done with the orochi warriors map or if u had a extra copy of the aos i made
    Avast ye go look at the forum and tell me what you think of me new banner.
    Hai sorry I haven't said much to you in a bit. XD Okay so its been 2 days but whatever. Just letting you know the forum I made is starting to get more stuff on it. If you want to take a look that is.
    Well I'll get one tomorrow or something. Later at least. I have to actually get my database online tomorrow. Or at least thats what I want to work on. Gosh 100 freaking models + there skins and their screenshots. Thats gonna be a lotta work. But hey if it gets people to come then its worth it. XD
    Okay I did that and found something called or something like that? Anyway I'll make a new aim account since I can't remember my pass from 4 months ago. It used to be iZerox but I'll make a new one.
    Will do. It'll be a while until I get my own computer though. Unless you know of a way to use aim online like in firefox or something. :huh:
    Meh some. I can't wait until I get a new power cord for my laptop so I'm not bound to just this computer for internet things.
    Is that what you were doing? XD Well main thing is my only access to the internet right now doesn't have aim or msn on it and I can't put it on it. This computeris my dad's so I can't really install anything on it.
    Haha sounds like what I used to do. But I find the hive more fun for some reason. :razz:
    Meh its true. But is that a bad thing? Hahaha *sigh* Its good to have friends don't you agree? Its more fun that way or at least I think so.
    My point is nobody had said anything to you here. So it looks like I was successful huh? Your talking to me here. :p
    Hey lets make some noise! Why ain't nobody posting here. Lets get a conversation going guys. >:D
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