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Nov 17, 2019 at 2:31 PM
Nov 24, 2007

Awarded Medals 5

Sep 1, 1991 (Age: 28)
Stavanger, Norway
Aspiring writer

Keiji — Terrain Moderator

King Keith, Male, 28, from Stavanger, Norway

Staff Member
Keiji was last seen:
Nov 17, 2019 at 2:31 PM
    1. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      Credits... Of course!

      Take a look at my recent threads in T&S, you'll see they are about a cinematic system.
      I'm trying to test it by making a cinematic. And as long as I am lazy asf, I will NEVER terrain a demo. So basically I thought it's better to use a template. Found your template through this. I just wanted to make sure that it was open-source and not for demonstration.
    2. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK

      If I want to use your Saga template map (cinematic), I am permitted?
    3. AditTechno
      No. Not that. Editing so I can set it back to view the poll-ers.
    4. AditTechno
      Mr. Keiji, how do I edit a poll thread so I can set it back? Or I can't do that aymore?
    5. Ardenian
      Alright, I keep it in mind.
      If you have a texturerer, by the way, he could improve the texture to get out more of the whole model.
    6. Ardenian
      Okay, then I focus on the arcs for now.
      One last thing, How HQ do you want them to be ?
      The pillar I already created is low-poly, rather LQ ( model-built-wise, not to mention the texture is too small to make them look good in a close focus)
      However, for the arcs it is important to know whether they should be low-poly or high-poly
      ( low-poly = low file-size, but drawbacks when it comes to look
      high-poly = not as edgy as low-poly, but much higher file-size)

      About natural stuff, like plants, the textures are too small, the only thing I could do is add alpha channel and make them a 2D plane, simulating they are 3D ( most small plants are concepted this way in wc3)
    7. Ardenian
      Nice to hear.
      By the way, I would like you to specify what models from the textures you need, please.
      Some models are more difficult to make while others are hella easy.
      Just to have some overview over progress and such :)
    8. Ardenian
    9. Ardenian
      Great news, the conversion from models was successfully executed, thanks to Hayate.
      I am dependent on someone to convert it with Gmax though.
    10. Ardenian
      Actually.. nothing..

      I did some test wraps, seems I underestimated the time a bit, however, it is good wrapping practice, so don't worry. I am finalizing a pillar now and use it as sample to hopefully convert it to mdx

      EDIT: Sneak Preview version available: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/2793481-post1.html

      The texture quality is not going to be better, sadly, but I edit it to remove the flaws you can see on the picture.
    11. Ardenian
      Hm hm, I see why you are Administrator.

      Well, they are simpel. Each mesh takes not more than 5 minutes, I've already done a couple, so I should finish all remaining meshes in one hour and wrapping should be easy, too. So in total, not more than three hours for making models someone appreciates and is going to use ^^
    12. Ardenian
      That's great to hear! :) Remember to take a break now and then

      I myself, I have some free days from university, so I haven't much to do or let's say, I just close my eyes and imagine I would not ^^

      Alright, I should be able to finish the models up to then.
      I look up how to properly export 3ds and if someone with Gmax is so kind and converts them, then voilà.
      Do I recall right you need every of the doodads presented in the picture ?
    13. Ardenian
      Hey, how are you ?
      Any news on the Ori project ? I am going to post the conversion issue next days, I haven't finished the preparations for it yet, but after that, I could be ready in days for finishing the requested terrain doodads.
    14. Roland
    15. Kyrbi0
      There's just something about "reluctance" that I really resonate with in a character. And a reluctant assassin... Who is awexome at it... Who, [SPOILER]
      .. Holy cow. xD
    16. Kyrbi0
      Can I rep your profile or something? Szeth is simply the coolest. : )
    17. WhiteFang
      Well,I'm pretty new.I might post something in the terraining board soon.

      I have seen this type of before.It's easy to say you are going to do something,but it's much harder to do that something.Especially if you have no experience in what you want to do
    18. WhiteFang
      Keiji,what do you feel is the biggest mistake new terrainers make?
      To me,it's that take thing they can make a high quality terrain in only a few minutes
    19. Shain Dundred
      Shain Dundred
      Perhaps the time I've spent with studying
      said techniques has influenced the way I
      discuss more than I anticipated. I, too,
      apologize if my argumentation made you
      feel like I was suppressing you in any way.

      My comment wasn't refering to you or
      anyone specific at all, it is just something
      that came to my mind since I was visiting
      other sites at the same time and I
      can't even tell anymore which signature or
      which website it was that made me write it.
      I admit that your own signature too influenced
      me into writing that, but I wasn't refering to
      you or your signature specifically, despite this.
    20. Shain Dundred
      Shain Dundred
      I assure you that my messages
      weren't meant to attack you
      in any way. However, I don't
      appreciate that you tell me that
      I sound like an ass while you,
      in your very own argumentation,
      insult my arguments several times
      in a most degrading way yourself.
      Your messages are filled with
      words not usual to be heard in
      ordinary discussions and your
      sentences are just empty phrases,
      trying to persuade others that
      they are from an intelligent and
      eloquent individual while in fact
      they're just attempts to hide
      the immense lack of real
      arguments in your messages.
      Perhaps my understanding of
      the English language is inferior
      to yours, but if you think that
      you can hide behind your empty
      phrases, you've been misled.
      It might work with the younger
      parts of this community, but
      it won't when you're talking
      with people like me. At least
      your last message suggests
      that, since that's what it
      sounds like.
      I might need an english course,
      perhaps even more than one,
      I admit that with no objection,
      but your link is not needed,
      for my logic is in perfect shape,
      but thank you for having such
      a link ready for those who lack
      an understanding of logic.

      I admit that this paragraph could
      be counted as aggressive and insulting,
      but your counter arguments which
      you use to make it look like I was
      the bad guy here, are just as insulting
      as my counter attack is. I have no
      personal quarrel with you and I am
      a peaceful person as long as I'm not
      dealing with assholes. I'd like to think
      that you are none either.

      In case you're still interested being
      provided with information about what
      my argument actually is all about, I was
      saying that said signatures are telling
      people that something is "stupid", which
      can be considered as a rather harsh expression,
      especially by younger or less experienced
      users and even more especially if it comes
      from a person with actual power. Also, I
      cannot remember mentioning you or your
      signature in any way with said post. It was
      you who felt targeted by my post, I never
      said it was refering to you or anyone else
      specifically. You clicked on my profile and
      sent me a message about it, that makes
      one assume that you felt like it was, in fact,
      refering to you.
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    Sep 1, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Stavanger, Norway
    Aspiring writer
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    US East
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    Terrain Moderator
    Ask me if you want to know.


    "It's funny about paths and rivers, you see them go by and suddenly you feel upset and want to be somewhere else - wherever the path or river is going perhaps." - Tove Jansson
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