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Last Activity:
Nov 17, 2019 at 2:31 PM
Nov 24, 2007

Awarded Medals 5

Sep 1, 1991 (Age: 28)
Stavanger, Norway
Aspiring writer

Keiji — Terrain Moderator

King Keith, Male, 28, from Stavanger, Norway

Staff Member
Keiji was last seen:
Nov 17, 2019 at 2:31 PM
    1. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge
      Mr. Gameplay Knowledge
      Its okay Keith,its okay.
    2. Mr. Gameplay Knowledge
      Mr. Gameplay Knowledge
      Hello Keith,
      do u like NightStalker's dragon balls.
    3. NightStalker
      :D No problem, I know what you mean.

      But here's a little catch, i want the sky to be as a background image not an animated object.

      Imagine the pics have the same background:

      This one will be the background;

      And this will be the ingmae result, with the background;

      I've added planet models which are nice and all, but the sky is not that good.
      But if you think this'll be hard to explain can you help me with some shading? Fladdermesken's way didn't work for me; The 7th part of the second tutorial you've sent is shading an area.

      I've downloaded that model to replace Ashenvale light, then did what he did, but my fog didn't affect the objects. There was this dark terrain, which I could see with a light source but the objects were still very clearly lightened up while they should've been dark as well.
    4. NightStalker
      Hey man, i need help with terraining.

      Do you know how to make a sky like this? I was checking lighting tutorial of Fladdermesken and wanted to ask him but his profile says he'll be inactive for a while, I thought of you as a terrainer.

      Here's the link of the pic


      I'm making a space cinematic, and simple tiles with some stars won't be as effective to the eye compared to a sky decorated with star dust (purple, blue colors). And the pic has a nice sky suitable for my cinematic.
    5. xYours Trulyx
      xYours Trulyx
      Perhaps I didn't explain much. Is that you in your avatar? Because he/you almost looks like this guy:
    6. xYours Trulyx
      xYours Trulyx
      You look like PewDiePie
    7. IcemanBo
      That profile picture is just looking awesome! Pure, evil darkness!
    8. Chaosy
      The thread's purpose was to complain about anything.
      I just chose to be a bit ironic (in lack of better words) and complain about the thread.
    9. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Well, as far as I can tell, your beard has grown "a bit" since then. ;)
    10. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      That's some nice new avatar you gut there. :)
    11. Roland
      They see me rollin', they hatin.
    12. Meatmuffin
      Valar Morghulis.
    13. Heinvers
    14. Rui
      Hi! Yes indeedy :P
    15. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      Good to know. :)
    16. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      I sincerely hope that my last message wasn't too confusing or made you believe that I'd,
      have any personal issue with you - I assure you, I don't.

      I think the main reason for this event is, that I actually know that I've chosen an
      inappropriate "tone" for the former message and also know that you'll mention that.

      I think it's just me thinking "What have I done this time?" every time.
      I assume it's my very own fault that this is happening since I KNOW that I
      have done something wrong without correcting it myself in the first place.
    17. deepstrasz
      It's scallywag talk.
    18. Heinvers
      You'll have to excuse my rush for the rep message. I accidentally hit the enter key.
      It was meant to say: Like the frosting on top of the cake you've toppled down each sentence, digesting the information and shedding some sense into it.
    19. Shar Dundred
      Shar Dundred
      You know, everytime when you react to anything I've written,
      my first thought remains always the same:

      Could be because it's mostly about me behaving an "incorrect way".
    20. Arad MNK
      Arad MNK
      Btw cool page theme
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  • About

    Sep 1, 1991 (Age: 28)
    Stavanger, Norway
    Aspiring writer
    Current Project:
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US East
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    StarCraft II Account:
    Staff Position:
    Terrain Moderator
    Ask me if you want to know.


    "It's funny about paths and rivers, you see them go by and suddenly you feel upset and want to be somewhere else - wherever the path or river is going perhaps." - Tove Jansson
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