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    [JASS] Trackables

    Well, I started a map once (that I never finished) where all units had the Locust ability, and you would move your hero around by clicking invisible trackables on the ground. This allowed me to use all 12 command button slots by making a control unit in the corner of the map that was constantly...
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    [JASS] Trackables

    ...and a lot people used to say that calling InitGameCache over and over wouldn't leak - a lot of people were wrong. Both mistakes were caused by people jumping to conclusions a long time ago. Also remember that trackables were discussed before the gamecache and return bug were put to use, so...
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    Modding Community Project

    I like the idea, though it sounds rather difficult to achieve. For the list of resources, I propose that you add It is focused on Jass Scripts alone. At the moment there are 289 Jass scripts (some less useful than others I'm afraid) submitted ready to be used. When...
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    [JASS] Transparent Roofs for 1 player

    No, you must put the code inside the actions function. function Trig_Untitled_Trigger_001_Actions takes nothing returns nothing // A unit enters the building local unit roof = gg_unit_hfoo_0000 call FadeUnitVertexColorForPlayer( roof, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0.40, 1.0...
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    [JASS] Transparent Roofs for 1 player

    A quick re-writing of my function to work with local players. I have not tested it, but I think it works. // ======================================= // Fade unit vertex colors function FadeUnitVertexColorForPlayer_Update takes nothing returns nothing local timer t =...
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    [Solved] Mouse Button Click Event?

    There is no way to specifically detect the left mouse button click. However, you can cover the entire map by trackables (or one biiig trackable), and detect its hit event. In that case, it will trigger for left and right mouse button alike, and there will be a few side effects like units'...
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    [JASS] My special effects wont DIE!

    The function GetLastCreatedEffectBJ only works if you created the effect usinga BJ function. That is, AddSpecialEffectBJ or AddSpecialEffectTargetBJ. But I don't recommend using those function. I'd rather save the effect directly in a local: // This is where you create the effect set...
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    [JASS] Removing a unit variable, without removing the unit?

    If you mean a variable set using the handle variables, you just set that variable to null (or 0) and it is cleaned up. If you mean a global or local variable, it makes no sense trying to remove them.
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    [JASS] Variable not being passed correctly?

    Glad to hear that it works. It's not as complicated as you think it is. Remember: A timer is not destroyed when it expires. It still exists as an object, even if you set periodic to false (non-repeating). There is still a lot of work for you if you want it perfect, because there are many...
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    [JASS] Variable not being passed correctly?

    The problem is that you are using the Trigger to store the variables on, where you should use the timer. In the SkyPortion function, you should set the variable on the timer rather than the trigger. And in SkyDamagePortion you should use GetExpiredTimer() instead of GetTriggeringTrigger()...
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    [JASS] Help! My spell compiles fine, but does nothing!

    What I meant was that you don't need to include the spell level in the handle var label: So you do like this: // Here you set it: call SetHandleReal(GetTriggeringTrigger(), "Damage", Damage[alvl]) call SetHandleReal(GetTriggeringTrigger(), "Healing", Healing[alvl]) call...
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    [JASS] Help! My spell compiles fine, but does nothing!

    The problem is in the HE_Var_Setup function. // This is where you set the variables set alvl = GetHandleInt(GetTriggeringTrigger(), "alvl") call SetHandleReal(GetTriggeringTrigger(), R2S(Damage[alvl]), Damage[alvl]) call SetHandleReal(GetTriggeringTrigger(), R2S(Healing[alvl])...
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    [JASS] Dumb question, but quick.

    I suppose you mean these: ¯¯¯¯¯ You make one by holding ALT down while pressing: 0 1 7 5 on your keypad, then release ALT again.
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    [JASS] JASS question(s)

    Hmm.. somehow Modeler's post got messed up it seems. Anyway, the selected unit can be gotten using: Event Response - Triggering Unit The player who selected the unit can be gotten using: Event Response - Triggering Player If you try to use a global in an event, it will not work because...
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    [JASS] Errors & punching yourself - Help me >.>.

    Because the error messages are almost useless, one cannot make a list of their meaning. One small typo can result in 200 errors reports. You can use the PJass syntax checker to check your code for errors - that one gives reasonable error reports. I think you can find PJass in the tools section...