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    Advanced Melee AI

    I hate those f*cking bots because they steal mah' tomes
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    Mario World Xtreme Beta

    If it doesn't shows up....rename map(In Windows) because some maps doesn't show up if name is too long
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    "Cola in the hole" =)
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    Fortress Siege - 1.78b

    I didn't had this problem,because noone died whole game :xxd: They were just sitting in the Fortress and killing units from Fortress walls(because everybody taked ranged hero :eekani: ) Only to end we all in one group stormed final boss and killed them :mwahaha: So,that's my story which i call...
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    Fortress Siege - 1.78b

    Tranquil,can i say secret hero code for all users watching? :xxd: Because,we with friends completed this map,and we all know code for Secret Hero =)
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    [vJASS] CG Building Costs + Insta Build

    I have one question:What's JASS? Is it some kind of trigger code?
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    WW3: Nuclear Sunrise v1.34

    It's like Call Of Duty 6? Can't wait for it! ^,..,^
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    Deadmines v1.8

    Thanks about that,now,i can UnProtect it easily :)
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    Black Elf Sorceress.blp

    Can someone make Sorceress without clothes? :xxd:
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    Tetris v.1.2

    I will wait for music and Loading Screen ;)
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    Zombie Incomming v0.14a

    oow...thanks... Than that means that Sonic Adventures:Director's Cut is super game?:confused:
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    DotA Allstars v6.53

    It's the newest?
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    Oblivion Map!

    I can attach everything if you want
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    This reminds me Fallout........ Very,very reminds me Fallout.......
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    Zombie Incomming v0.14a

    What's "Director's Cut?" I just couldn't find what it means