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    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helps Cin-e people greatly!

    Reputation (+1): (Post) Helps Cin-e people greatly!
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    TKok Lag issue

    I have a question - When i play Tkok after i exit the Vormur dungeon i get extreme lag... ive tried all other characters with the same result. this is on one player, and it seems that all the doodads reset at the same time when i re-enter the Vormur Gardens... any idea on how to fix it? if not...
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    Hello ! Im new to mapmaking, So any maps i make probably arent going to be "ZOMFG THATS ONE UBER ASS MAP" :grin: but i hope they will all meet your standards. I know the basics of Mapmaking (Terraining, Trigger making etc,) Hopefully with your guy's help i can make a good map people will enjoy...