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  • Hello. Sorry for not responding, I am very busy studying for 8 exams. How can I help you?
    Hey, I've recently talked Michael Peppers of "The Withering Kind" (and various coding advances) fame to talk to you; appears he has something to donate to your Compendium. :p
    Chaos singularity's total duration is based upon all the other attributes, of which there are configurables.

    for instance: Spreading out of the initial projectiles, increasing how far they go, or decreasing the speed of their spreading, increases the total duration, and vice versa.

    the total amount of "attacks" the singularity has: increasing makes it longer, decreasing makes it shorter, also lowering the wait randomiser decreases duration, etc. etc.

    The spell uses these as controllers, because otherwise the spell would get very awkward, programmatically.
    prehaps though, on the most part that'd damage a few of the effects, i.e. going up/down cliffs and it'd be pretty strange for a unit to stop because of rocks on the ground many "miles" below, when I release it as a public resource, I may add a conditional feature for that - can't update contest entries when the contest is closed.
    Oh, I see.
    If you encounter that stuff again in MDL, just open the model in notepad and search for MDLVis sections and simply delete them.
    Don't need to ask about my whereabouts now.
    Well, seems like your model has been opened and 'decrypted' with MDLVis.
    Can you send me the model via PM so I can have a closer look at it?
    Ah, I can't really do much about that I'm afraid, if you're using flyers I'd suggest using something like a flying machine or other airborne vehicle for your turrets, as to minimise the weird XD
    I know, i will change them to fit my mod. I think all the maps you uploaded could fit my mod with a little modification.
    Can i use your maps as terrain templates for my mod? Would be nice for my new naval features.
    odd, last update was actually around the 24th, I've been bugging Mag to update his review the past 2-3 weeks
    You're welcome. :)
    It's neat making models that look cool for people who have cool ideas.
    Hey kam, Do you have any models of the Heart of Storms Such as a Dragon, Raider and more models of the Heart of Storms? can you link me some like the Ironforge colossus? :D Please PM me all the downloadable models :D

    From your friendly user
    -Allen peralta (iAardvark) :3
    How did you trigger the Watch Towers in the middle of the map? How do they change ownership?
    What's that all about? What do you need to know? :p

    EDIT: Alright, so you want to add a Decay animation, and you want to add a TC backdrop to the portrait in the main model file, that about right?
    Well, first of all, you'd have to create a new sequence called "Portrait"(and "Portrait Talk", if you want it to move while talking), and then insert a new geoset(the TC backdrop) by using Notepad, Vertex Modifier or Geoset Merger(or whatever your modeling tool of choice is), and then hiding it(the geoset) during all sequences except for "Portrait" and "Portrait Talk". However, I really don't know how you'd go about making an actual "Portrait" animation. You could try transfering it using Anim Transfer, perhaps simply renaming the Crypt Fiend's "Stand" animation, though that might screw up the sequencing. I would highly recommend simply using the already made separate Portrait model.
    As for the Decay animations, I do believe you could simply transfer them from the Crypt Fiend, using Oinkerwinkle's Anim Transfer tool.
    Hey Kam just seeing on how you are doing.
    Anyway I could make oil a source in Warcraft III?
    I'm deciding to make the Giant Turtle and the Gnomish Sub to attack each other so that they fleet can be balanced.
    Have a question:
    Where can I find other good warcraft 3 resource sites If you know some?
    All I know is the Wc3c.net, the Hive, The XGM.ru and the chaos realm.
    Well, it is being hard than I tought, and my eye is hurting too much now to me to think.
    Me is trying, but the animation transfering is being clunsy...but I dont have anything to do, so I think I can get it working in less than 20 hours =p
    The flying fortress looks both a little OP and a little too techy. I mean, I generate a slight modern aspect in the models. Spaceships though? Nah.

    As for the second request. I don't do textures. You can clearly see that because all my models are using ingame textures.
    The only ones that doesn't is the naval forces that currently all use the rubber duck texture because I fell in love with the rubber duck. ;D

    This is something you should ask someone who tends to work with their own textures often, like Red, for example.
    I will definitely take a look.

    I'm still fairly new to vJASS and I haven't used AIDS before, so don't expect this any time soon.
    Well, about the sphere, what animation do you want? Or just like the rest of the birth animation? If yes, you just need to create a new sequence in Sequence Manager. with difference frame from other sequences.

    About the effect, i dont know why i caused fatal error :/
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