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    Illidan Holy

    This model is made by Hipnosworld.
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    Gilneas Footman (WOW Texture)

    Yes, an interesting question actually. In the tab of the usual old Warcraft 3 models, it would fit, but it is unlikely to be allowed. And besides, by a funny coincidence it is HD :peasant-grin:. Therefore, for now, the option remains that this may only be appropriate in the "Ported Skins" tab...
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    Gilneas Footman (WOW Texture)

    Lol, funny, this section ran into a funny paradox where the model looks HD but is old-poly at the same time. It looks cool, but I doubt it is appropriate in the Ported Models section. :D
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    Malygos Reforged

    This is really cool. But after deathwing, have you ever thought about making a dragon that is stronger than all 5 dragon aspects combined? (I'm not talking about Galakrond, although he's cool as an idea too. I'm talking about Chromatus, a 5-headed dragon with the power of every aspect)...
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    HotS Warcraft Anduin Wrynn + alts

    ahahah, I can do it myself)) But then what to do to make the model from the HOTS suitable for Warcraft 3? 😏☺😂
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    HotS Warcraft Anduin Wrynn + alts

    Cool! this is awesome, I hope you can still get Garrosh 😏☺
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    Drust Swamp Beast Pack

    without additional details like a blue glow, the model is, roughly speaking, not very
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    Demon Hunter (Blood Elf)

    Can you tell me whose base model of the Elf is?
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    Tauren Buildings

    This is incredibly cool! It would be cool if you did the same with Orcs. Would use orc buildings from WoW, and replace them with textures based on the standard 3 warcraft. It would be very cool to do the same thing, for example, with the Burning Legion, or with the Centaurs, for example, they...
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    Looks cool, cool model turned out, this is perfect for the Night Elf Worgen, who were once in Azeroth, in the lore of Warcraft. These are the worgen that first appeared in history. And your worgen perfectly resembles the Night Elf Worgen. Hope you make more of these night elf worgen !!!
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    Comment by 'Kaizer123' in media 'ArakkoaV1'

    I think Media is a very good place to show your work at the Alpha stage. I think over time people will look more and more in Media :)
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    Comment by 'Kaizer123' in media 'ArakkoaV1'

    Arakkoa based on Kirian? A very cool idea, and it would be very cool if there were such Arakkoa. One might think that such Arakkoa are a kind of superior of their race, reincarnated by the goddess Rukhmar chtoli :D. Very cool done! For a month now, I've been dreaming in my head about the Lords...
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    Retera Model Studio Reforged Hack

    You can help?
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    Ogrim Doomhammer Young Reforged

    Orgrim should be given a beard as from the Film, so that he was truly Orgrim. for he is according to the canon such as in the film, this confirms the art of their Chronicle. He also needed Thrall's armor, since he was always in them, and after his death he handed over his armor to Thrall, it is...
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    Retera Model Studio Reforged Hack

    Can you help me?