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    Matrix Eater or Java ?
    I downloaded the Matrix Eater via the link in that thread, it is MatrixEater3DV0.16A_Windows.

    EDIT: Well, I saw I can do the same stuff with Mdlvis, but I don't understand, how can I use two textures for one geoset, when UV mapping it only allows me to use one texture ?
    Example: Treasure Chest: I want the all of the treasure chest use another skin except the gold part.
    Could you explain me how I do this, please ?
    Hey Kaizer, I have a serious problem with the Matrix Eater: It cannot connect to the MPQ although I set the game directory to the right path. Do you have any suggestions on that issue ?
    Hmm, looks like you're quite busy atm, when will you comeback to take my request from your model workshop, just asking :)
    thanks man :)
    No problem, you deserve respect for your work :)
    Which model manipulating program do you use ? ( beside tools available on Hive)
    That's a great attitude!

    I think I am going to request something, too, but I am not sure what exactly I need, it depends on what is already available around Hive and other sites.
    I am impressed that you run a model workshop. Why do you run it ? Isn't it exhausting ?
    Will u make a post in your thread that shows all your models u helped others so it was more easy for people to see and download what they need
    I can't help but think that putting the attack slam of a tauren chieftain onto a felguard would be incredibly cool, but also that it might be equally as hard as it was to transfer to the paladin; the Tauren Chieftain is a little different in shape than a lot of other models
    Here's my really crappy fail attempt at the transfer on my laptop; maybe when I get moved in tomorrow and get my desktop back and have more time/focus going for me, we'll see about what it would take to actually do that thing the right way.

    (Also, you can import parts of the paladin's own attack animation back in, so I know you could fix the floating book and silly frozen cape in that one, I'm just thinking about how to get the basic body-motion of the Tauren Chieftain's attack slam onto there.)
    Well, I got distracted by some stuff and finally got to giving the transfer from a Tauren Chieftain to a Paladin a shot, and it sure didn't work out very well. They both start at different original standing positions, and hold their weapons at different angles and stuff, so because the models are so different my early attempts to transfer made the paladin look like he was dancing with his hammer floating all over the place.

    That's the hard thing with animation transfers; sometimes the Scaling/Rotation/Translation information sets are only accurate when the bones they describe motion for start in the right places relative to the model itself.
    So, in other words, transferring Tauren Chieftain animations to a paladin is a very technically hard thing to do. I have to move into a college dorm for the first time in my life tomorrow, so now that it's 1:00 AM I need to go to bed here, but I wouldn't say it is necessarily impossible to make that transfer, just pretty hard. Maybe we need better software to do it! (And I might be able to write it? I'll have to think on that...)
    Hmm... Sometimes weird things go wrong where the "Bone_Arm1_L" bone on one model is actually analogous to "Bone_Arm1_R" on the other because one model designer named "left" for his left and the other named "left" for the character's left as it looks at you -- and when that happens, it ruins the animations.
    Other than that, maybe I should try it myself. I just packed my main computer for leaving for an early start to college tomorrow, so it'll take me a little longer to do anything here on this laptop, but I'll see what I can do.
    If I remember correctly, you want the Tauren Chieftain's spell slam animations on a paladin? I'll see if I can do that for a test model.

    Getting pivot points from one model to the other is typically only good if you have added mesh or want to re-do the animations. There's also the misleading fact that "PivotPoints" is just a name given to the 3d position of the Bones/Helpers/Lights/EventObjects/Attachments/ParticleEmitters/Etc. in 3D Space. So "view and edit PivotPoints" in the matrix eater basically is just "view and edit where bones are centered, where particle emitters emit from, where lights glow outward from, where attachments attach to, etc." Pivot points are the center point for any kind of object other than a Geoset, basically, in the MDL.

    What you really want, then, is to move the "Scaling/Translation/Rotation" values from one model's bones/helpers to the other model's set, so that they move around the same way. But, doing that in Notepad is a nightmare; so, I'll go give it a shot in the Matrix Eater.
    Yeah, that should import it outside of the other animations as its own animation.
    Be careful with the visibility, though; sometimes importing an animation like that will make corpses show up in random animations where you don't want them to if you're not careful.
    In the Animations Tab, you'll want to set all animations to "Do not import" except for "attack slam", then in the Bones Tab you want to "Import motion from pre-existing" so that it takes the movements of the bones and not the bones themselves into the model.
    Then with "Import motion from pre-existing" you have to tell each bone where its motion data goes. For example, if the bone is like "Bone_Arm1_L" then try to pick something in the box that appears named "Bone_LeftArmUpper" or something like that, so analogous bones between the two models are associated and the animations are forced to fit properly that way.
    Sometimes you get lucky and both models have the same names -- like "Bone_Arm1_L" for their bones. In that case, the Matrix Eater will try to "suggest" the right ones for you based on the names, and will pick the same-named ones by default (although you can still edit them to fix anything if it does that).
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