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    Freddy Krueger

    As I can't even draw properly, less digitally, I outsourced from other images to make the original textures. The face was made from latex mask images, there was really no template to use online.
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    You have really good models, as much in quality as in originality, I'm just curious of what's...

    You have really good models, as much in quality as in originality, I'm just curious of what's coming next :thumbs_up:
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    Taura the healer

    In my opinion, these ones are much better than the original, you should add them to the post
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    Freddy Krueger

    Im the author of the textures, my friend just told me how to apply them to the model
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    Freddy Krueger

    Just read the post and comments, I'm a total noob at modelling and texturing, I don't want to learn either, if a mod or admin wants to remove the post it's ok, but i wont make any changes to it. It isn't necessary. You aren't debunking anything, you were too lazy to read 4 paragraphs
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    Freddy Krueger

    It needs a custom model so it has no flies overhead
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    Freddy Krueger Escape 2.7c

    Yeah unless you're a ragequitter lol
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    Freddy Krueger

    Amazing work, exceeded my expectations!! :goblin_jawdrop:
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    [Solved] Freddy Krueger custom model

    We do not claim the exclusivity of the model for the project, we credit the author in the map and thread, wich has all rights to post the model on the site for all users. Freddy Krueger Escape is a multiplayer map in wich 10 victims must survive in a nightmare while being tormented by...
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    The one thing reforged doesn't need
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    HiveWE - World Editor 0.6

    Quick question: What benefits it has from using it instead of the normal editor?
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    Multi-Tier Hydra

    This might be one of the best models i've seen so far. The concept is great as well as the animation and design. Hoping to see more multi-tier models in the future. Keep up the great work you're doing.
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    WC3 Multi-Tool

    Ok, I'm for some reason no able to make it work, I even tried running on admin mode. These are my logs log wc3 - And even tough I'm still not able to use it, my first impression on the settings tab is that 1- I have no idea what the bot is going to say in each case, so it would...
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    Love it
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    Female Centaur Archer (Re-Classic)

    As always an amazing work, also it's great to see more female characters.