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Justin Weaver
Last Activity:
Oct 17, 2015
Mar 1, 2014

Justin Weaver

Add mo ako kapag pinoy ka

Justin Weaver was last seen:
Oct 17, 2015
    1. Meatmuffin
      Can i open it with editor ? im wondering because i know the unit stops all its orders if it is knockbacked ?_?
      Set Unit Position always interrupts orders. However SetUnitX/SetUnitY don't.
    2. TheGreatJoshua
    3. LordDz
      Yer signature will not work as you should use triggering unit and not entering unit.
      /I'm fun at parties.
    4. Mythic
      To respond to a person, please click either;

      a.) his avatar
      b.) his name
      c.) 'View Conversation'
    5. Justin Weaver
      Justin Weaver
      Pa-add mga idol (y)
    6. iamdl
      Pinoy :3
    7. Justin Weaver
      Justin Weaver
      Haha XD Pinoy din kayo ?
    8. chobibo
      Wow, another pinoy.
    9. GywGod133
      oh Pinoy :)

      Welcome ahaha
    10. Triggs
      Welcome to THW!

      Introduce yourself in the Introductions Forum or stop by the chatroom in a couple days when your account has been verified.

      <span style="font-size: 9px">This is an automated message from a bot programmed by TriggerHappy.</span>
    11. Malhorne
      If you have any common questions I can help you you can go on World Editor Help Zone forum.
    12. Malhorne
      If you have questions about how to do a spell please don't do this in the thread.
      Because there is already a lot (and a lot xD) of posts that I actually think to recreate a thread.
      By the way if you want help on creating a spell you can ask on WEHZ (World Editor Help Zone) or you can also ask me in VM and I shall answer to you :)
      Good day :D
    13. SeedinAethyr
      Welcome to the Hive Justin Weaver!
      I hope you enjoy your stay here.
    14. Hell_Master
      Welcome to the hive, Justin Weaver. And, enjoy your stay here.
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  • About

    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor


    • Anti-Jealousy
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit comes within 1000.00 of (My_girl)
      • Conditions
        • (Entering unit) is in (FlirtGuys)
      • Actions
        • Unit - Issue (My_girl) to slap (Triggering unit)
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