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Last Activity:
Jul 3, 2019
May 16, 2007

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Hallow Evary Bady!, from California

Just_Spectating was last seen:
Jul 3, 2019
    1. Direfury

      Btw, it'd only take me a day to create the mesh and finish the animations of whichever model I/we end up working on.

      You in?
    2. Lightskin
      Rofl, I saw adventure time yesterday for the first time, it's so drugged and awesome, lol xD
      I rofled a lot at Ricardio, that was sooo awesome, the face when it zoom in xDDD

      Anyway, all this comes to your avatar, it's awesome :P
    3. Gladius_Tito
      Sweet villager models.
      Hope you make some female ones.
    4. WherewolfTherewolf
    5. WherewolfTherewolf
      You planning on entering the upcoming music contest?
    6. Zzonehardy
      No Problem I just figured out that my little bro erased all my warcraft stuff while I was gone at camp so I need a new Idea I will see if I can use Sargeras.
    7. JokeMaster
      I think your sargeras is very well made (according to this picture. But it would be better if he would have his sword. Can you make it? And did you think about making an uncorupted version of him?
    8. Zzonehardy
      Good Job man thanks for the Sargeras
    9. karland90
    10. Geazergimli2
      wow man its been forever since we talked, but wassup yo! :D hehe
    11. karland90
      hai again. i worked a lot harder on the cave troll model than intended at first. maybe you would be interested doing a few tiny things with the texture now? if you are interested, then i could send you a more detailed pm. one thing to texture would be the club. i suppose it would be fairly easy for you. also a tiny bit needs to be relocated, but i dont wanna ruin ur piece of art with my CnP skills, so id prefer if that would be done by you also, if you dont mind. ^^"
    12. karland90
      okay, for a moment i feared that maybe i had misunderstood something. ^^"
    13. karland90
      so i have your permission to upload the edited model with your texture to model section? will ofc give credits.
    14. Hawk
      May i have permission to edit your cave troll ?
    15. Hawk
      Hi can NFwar make icon for your cave troll ? because i want icon with that skin.Can you give him permission ?
    16. takakenji
      sup, i just felt like stopping by to say hi for some reason. so hi.
    17. Dentothor
      you can go ahead and get started with the model whenever. id just like to stay updated once and a while and give me the UV mapping when your done.

      another thing, with a model this different from the rest of the wc3 models will you male a different animation set? or wil one of the wc3 animations be good enough?
    18. Dentothor
      Ever heard of General Vezax?

      it might be tricky, but epic once we finish
    19. Dentothor
      hey J_S.
      hows about you and i work together again on another Dentothor/Just_Spectating Project?
    20. takakenji
      kk, i'll probably use yours if its similar since it's probably better than mine
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    Just Spectating.



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