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Last Activity:
Jul 3, 2019
May 16, 2007

Awarded Medals 5



Hallow Evary Bady!, from California

Just_Spectating was last seen:
Jul 3, 2019
    1. Kyrbi0
      Man, I wish I'd been paying better attention... For years now I've had this cool "Wall of Zombies" spell, but no Zombies that could properly look rooted in the ground & attack & stuff... This is perfect! Thanks!

      //EDIT// So did you actually want credit to go in the name of your Battle.net account as you mentioned ("koondad")? Why, I'm curious?
    2. PlankingWolf
    3. UgoUgo
      cool, you drew an avatar depicting your skin!
      It's just an icon <span style="font-size: 9px">(uploaded few mins ago)</span> for my skin :)
    4. Chen
      Your Peon Villager is much better now. Just saying siince your model is already closed.
    5. Chen
      I'm glad you are active this times! Good luck to the Texturing Contest!
    6. RED BARON
      Glad to see you around :smile:
    7. Molekyle
      I realise that my "reputation comment" could be considered ill-hearted if one was to think that I was being sarcastic.. rest assured that my comment by no means was meant to be a hurtful one. I genuinely wanted to thank you
    8. HammerFist132
      No vm from 2012, and active every day, you are really Just Spectacing :)
    9. darkzxx
      thanks, i tried that with other types and it worked but after that, i tried with misc and it still didn't work :C... is there a reason for this :3?
    10. darkzxx
      hey i wanna ask you a question regarding your item carry system.........
      how do i add a new item type = boots ???? i tried using a different item type (Misc) but it didn't work :C help me please
    11. rcshaggy
    12. rcshaggy
      Do you mind making me something? You can say no I would understand. Just curious and thank you very much. I really like your other models/skins as well and I like the Mountain Giant. Well I was hoping to keep the shaman unit for my project, and have the Orc Warlock be the one who will have a new model.
      Well man if you can do this skin remake for my project I will be happy.
    13. rcshaggy
      Well I forgot where his awesome weapon was, but still thanks for letting me use it.
    14. rcshaggy
      Hey man if its ok if I use your Sargeras for my project?
      I have a awesome weapon attachment for him as well.
    15. Traxamillion
    16. galactcus
      hey man can you do more animations for your draenei and dwarf villagers???
      so we can use them for rpg maps ;]
    17. rcshaggy
    18. rcshaggy
      Could you help me out with something else?

      I need some help with some importing and I'm gonna show off the units in my project as well.

      Would you like to join the project as well?
    19. rcshaggy

      How did you do that so fast?

      Well could of you added the WoW icon to the top instead and make Destruction of Azeroth at the bottom?
    20. rcshaggy
      Check your PMs for a little something.
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    Just Spectating.



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    Making an RPG? Never Knows Best
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