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    In your list of haradrim units to come you only put 1 other building to add on to the palace, do you think you could possibly make a main fortress and maybe a mumaki tent (idk how to spell it the elephant thing) other than that great model 5/5
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    can u rename this i downloaded another model with the same name so now when i try to use this it gives me the dumb model i had b4 :( please do soon im dieing trying to make map and this would be perfect if i hadnt tried that other stupid building because it came with a pack of buildings i...
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    Fortification wall square

    and in games i have promblems with gate using the upgrade to open and close gate.... people just make walls in between the gate when its open and it crashes when they close it....... (by people i mean me and my testers)
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    Fortification wall square

    thx i didnt see this post lawl so i kinda commented on another one of your buildings ^^
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    Fortification gate big

    how do u turn these (posted this question on every one never got answer......... think ima just get a different wall sense you seemto think we dont need to know how to turn it...)
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    thank you so much for this have wanted for ever been stuck with dumb draeni hut.........
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    i love it but i dont think his cape should be ripped... in your picture its not :p (reference to first page)
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    This model is really good 5/5 i might use in my map im making
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    Fortification wall square

    how do u turn walls D: i have gone through posts on all 5 (or 4 i forgot) and found nothing about how to turn them, you tell about how to change the model in the beggining but not how to turn them plsssss someone tell me i am dieing here
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    4/5 till someone gives me info but once you tell me ill give u a 5/5
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    Im a noob and would like to know the skin replacement label so i can get this to work in my warcraft 3 map
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    Fortification wall

    How do you turn this model i am making a strategy game that is like warcraft only better with better models and i would like to use this for wall but it will onlly be real good once i know how to turn it 3/5 till u have the way to turn it labeled
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    Mr. Mucus Boogerson

    D: are you kidding me?????
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    good model 5/5
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