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    When done?

    The irony of it is that I intentionally kept DOTF as small-scale as possible (story wise), so that it would be easier to finish. Heh. Well, I guess that didn't work as planned. It might get finished someday, hard to say. It'd be nice if it did.
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    WHAT and WHEN

    DOTF will be released after I talk to Darky again, and also after we have completed work on finising it. I have no idea when that might be, though. Hopefully sometime before 'never'! Wish I could be more specific, but I can't.
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    DOTF Script **spoilers inside **

    Well, since I don't know Darky's status and who knows when things might get done, this may entertain those who have stuck around here. The following is the unfinished script to DOTF, with notes for the mapmaker (Darky) included. It's got a beginning and end, but parts of the middle need...
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    WHAT and WHEN

    Not really an update Sorry if you've been waiting for DotF to show up. I haven't spoken to Darky in quite some time, so I don't know his status. If I'd had my way in the beginning, we wouldn't have put up a site until it was done, but I relented and as usual, heh, a campaign has been delayed...
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    Can we have some updates?

    Aside from the stuff already posted, there's nothing to show presently. The most accurate update I can give you is that my warrior just hit lvl57, and I'm trying to level my alts up so they can transmute arcanite bars : ) . Sadly, WoW has claimed Darky and me both. Eventually, though, we'll...
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    SAVAGE - Happy to Lend Voice(s)

    Thanks for the offer! You guys do good work. I don't want to waste your time before DOTF is in a state where we may need you, but I will be sure to let you know when the time comes who and what we may need.
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    some things...

    Thanks for the offer, but when/if DOTF gets done, it will be by Darky and me. It's really just a short story about a murloc that gets a bit too smart for his own good, and what he does after being caught up in grim events. And there are the dwarves, too... and food is also involved... and...
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    Just so people don't think we abandoned DOTF...

    An hour or two to put the webpage for it together, that's about all. All the material for it was created long ago, I was just presenting some of it for the first time publically. That stuff was created back when we were producing the LOTC stuff, a few months back. If people are interested...
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    Just so people don't think we abandoned DOTF...

    I thought I'd post and say 'hi'. Both Darky and I got World of Warcraft, and while I can't speak for him, I've been playing it waaaaaaaay too much (since beta). It kind of managed to suck up most of my free time, but nonetheless I do want to finish DOTF at some point. Who knows when, but...
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    What about the history ????

    Im not sure what exactly you'd like to know about the history of the campaign... it's a story that I had an idea for some time ago, and eventually Darky and I decided to make it into a campaign. We're currently working on it, and it will be done eventually. I don't want to reveal details of...
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    Fishing Pole

    Brine is no cannibal! He doesn't fish for other fish. : )
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    ???Why no updates???

    Nope. There will be no estimates made, period. It will be done when it's done. Every time anyone makes an estimate like that, it winds up being completely wrong, so it's pointless. It just makes people upset when you miss release dates. What I will say is that though the pace hasn't been...
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    Welcome to the Day of the Fish webpage

    You'll get to control dwarves, murlocs, and possibly a human or two. And it will be released.... eventually! Not putting any kind of date on when it may be done. We're not exactly working on it at a blistering pace, but progress is coming slowly and steadily.
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    Icon Parade

    Just a couple of small changes to his moustache and the lighting on his face. I didn't like the way the original looked in a few areas, so I decided to change it.
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    To Joel Steudler: Nice Screenshots!

    We actually do have a Brine model of our own being worked on, we just haven't shown it off yet. All in good time. As for the crits of the dwarves: - models in the game react to the lighting of the area they're in and will display slightly different colors on different terrains. Since I...