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    song quest?? of what

    song quest?? of what
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    Legend of War

    Well the story is good, but as said before, the spelling is very bad. The only good stuff I remember is: Yes warchief... And the first Stormwind map is very chaotic and confusing. Also the terrain could be better at most spots. And my last thing is: get better buildings some even doesn't have a...
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    Expansion - World of Warcraft: Catalysm

    Looks awesome but some class combinations are very lame. Like tauren pala, orc mage, goblin shammy, dwarf shammy and night elf mage. No really, these are lame combinations. Anyway, finally Deathwing!!
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    The Last Guardian

    Not a bad campaign (so far), but i got stuck at a part. Just after the song stuffie you must create an Invisibility potion but i don't know where to find the Vial, i have searched everywhere... Could someone help? And... the song stuff was a pretty easy, you don't need the manual and song text.
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    it is great, but i think the head doesn't fit with the rest. >.>
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    Death Knight name.

    use A good name gen
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    hoi gast

    hoi gast
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    Oh and nice work :razz:
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    Question: Are you gonna make more replicas of BETA stuff?
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    Need Gnoll&Troll Greathall, Stronghold and Fortress

    Strange because it's works for me. You should contact the creator.
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    Need Gnoll&Troll Greathall, Stronghold and Fortress

    you already have GnollCamp - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site?
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    Male Villager on Horse

    Here you are
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    Male Villager on Horse

    You mean, removing animations?
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    I was thinking about some lightning (maybe for work anim), a runicstone as you said and maybe bones...Right now i don't know something else:slp: Oh and you can use the elementals: Water, fire earth etc.
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    Nice but maybe you can add some rocks and some elemental stuff.