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    N1 model 4.5/5 ;] No bugs - and thats the best!
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    Very good model, super camera and nice animations 5/5 man ;] gw
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    If no BUG than 5/5 for this model, but there is a fuc.... BUG and.... its 0/5 ;o
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    Host Helper v. BETA

    We are w8ing for that new ver :]
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    Host Helper v. BETA

    Dont know how to use that oO
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    Jungle Troll Skullsplinter

    Super Model!!! Gj!
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    Forest Troll Slasher

    WTF is going on with his animations!? Man Fix it PLZ
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    Its look nice but when the overlord is dead Troll Znachor (not only him) come to his corpse and picking his axe's and shoulder's.....plz fix it :(
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    3/5......Troll have no animation..and the death animation - troll in the air :/ plz fix it