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    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    I think it's the Wow style hair and skin tight armor that does it.
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    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    Then I retract my assumption. That's impressive. I suppose what I'm seeing is more about how the equipment is applied and designed.
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    HD Modeling Contest #2 - Theme Poll

    I'm no participant here, but there seems to be a clear difference between the Night Elf Blademaster and the Draenei Archer. The base model. One is too clearly a modified WoW model at its core while the other is merely dressed up with some WoW assets, and it shows.
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    Dire troll (5 variations)

    Ah, I was more thinking it was the midface, around the cheekbones and nose, that could be a bit wider. Though the eyes would probably need to be adjusted a bit too. I suppose that's a bit tricky, though.
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    Dire troll (5 variations)

    This is one of the better models I've seen for Reforged, at least in the sense that it's not just reskinned and redressed. Whatever nitpicks I may have, the lack of a hind toe and a perhaps too thin face, cannot detract from that. 5/5. 6/5 if you somehow manage to make it even better.
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    HD Modeling Contest #2: Theme Discussion!

    At this point, it looks to me like Draenor/Outland pretty much fits what most are looking for.
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    HD Modeling Contest #2: Theme Discussion!

    Might I suggest worker units, or is that too complicated? They're a necessary part of any custom race, and it'd be neat to flesh some out like the Draenei Laborer.
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    Elven Knights

    Model looks pretty much flawless. Nothing stands out as obviously awkward or crude. 5/5.
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    Owl Moon Priestess Reforged

    5/5, it is what it is and I doubt it was easy.
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    Statue Shieldless

    I'll put this at 4/5, just because of the water texture issue and how little I trust external links to stand the test of time. Other than that, it is what it is meant to be.
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    Draenei Shield Maiden

    I'm not sure all of that is in his skillset. Most of these Reforged custom models are edits of existing ones, and I've only seen a few directly edit the base mesh itself.
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    HD Modeling Contest #1 - Hero's Journey

    Going to comment here, but the legs look a bit long for a gnome. Maybe it's just the angle. Use your own judgement.
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    Dark Iron Priestess

    This should probably be tagged as a Dwarf unit, along with all the rest.
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    Dwarf Miners/Workers

    Typo in the title.
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    Comment by 'JarHed' in media 'You vs the Guy she told you not to worry about'

    Looks like quite the improvement. What model is the new guy based on?