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    Ramadan Kareem

    Happy Ramadan, everybody!
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    What is your favourite song at the moment? Not really my favorite ATM, but was like lately. All-time favorite.
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    Picture/Photo Thread

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    Moving Forward

    War4 will probably never come, or at least it'll have an really obscure story because of the things that happen in WoW (pretty much everyone in the main cast (of War3) is dead... i think. I don't follow the story that well (or at all)). I think the best is to just rush somehow into SC2 or go...
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    Comment by 'Jaret' in media 'Yeah 333 ^^ Damn I don't see that when I was on 111 and 222, must be more careful for coming 444 and above :D'

    UU brate gle dokle si dogurao za malo vise od godinu... A gle mene sto moram da maknem prasinu s'profila :D
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    Modeling Contest 22: POLL

    Treasure guardian is awesome.
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    i need. Idea's and advice on terrianing a Jungle.

    Looking at photos is a great way to see how a terrain should be done. Specify what kind of Jungle you want. What part of Jungle you want. Experiment. Use as much variation as possible. have narrow/wide rivers go through a very clustered jungle, high trees, rocks, and again - flora. If you can...
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    can i change that stupid US system MM/DD/YYYY

    day/month/year Hell, just think about it - it has some order, from less, to more. It makes me wanna puke when i see the months going by like days - and, strangely, i never knew a year had 30/31/29/28 months.
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) spreadin

    Reputation (+2): (Post) spreadin
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) Srpeaind

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Srpeaind
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) Spreadin

    Reputation (+2): (Post) Spreadin
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    Reputation (+2): (Post) spreadin

    Reputation (+2): (Post) spreadin
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    Xbox 360 or Playstation 3

    Wait a year and buy the PS4 or the Nextbox. I think it would be a waste of money in such a late state to buy one of those two.
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    Presidential Candidates 2012

    I kno who gets my vote.