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  • hi jaret i have some bad news for videogame wars.... roleplaying is gone... :(
    Erm... I'm sure she knows that already.. and she's more of photographer. She is a phorographer actually.
    I'm not as much of pony hator as... advertising hator! *Takes out his pistol*

    Now seriously, not sure if anyone has, I myself fon't. well, my... crush has.
    I always keep sketching some stuff, but not sure if I have chances against those guys on DA. I mean, I'm real creative and have some talent at drawing, but nothing real special... not to mention I need to do something with my terrabilficious proportion skills and my art teacher isn't such a good art teacher as he should be...
    Talking about pony hatin', well... I planing to start an anti-pony rebellion. But don't tell anyone, it's a secret!
    Reputation (+2):
    (Post) ahahahasdhjsadhj!!! what's wrong wearing some tight pants? I wore them too you know XD
    Reputation (+4):
    (Post) you dig giant robots? i dig giant robots.... hurmm.. i guess WE dig giant robots. you know who else digs giant robots? chicks do
    you totally rock man! damn! that's so freaking cool! thanks in a million times dude XD
    nicely done, then I'll be waiting for your awesomeness to get finished lol. btw, we still have a trickster, a dragon, and a wolf's weapon concepts to get done don't yah think? :)
    glady! XD
    so what concept are yah gonna make? gorehowl? or shadowmourne? heheh
    tha'ts amazing bro!
    so your next plans are, receiving death knights powers? :D
    So you're gonna make a Ponymourne and assault Dplderon with Pony zombies, after which forcing Cultist lagremm to take the Ponymourne and become a Dark Pony, lead the pony invasion and marry the villian pony from MLP cartoon. Right?
    Bwhahaha, you say?
    Hahaha, but now you are definetly a classic villian, because you got plan I suggested, so this means I'll know what you're up to!
    Hint: Alagremm can be attracted to dark pony side by making him a Ctulhu-Worshiping Pony Cultist... though that has 50% to backfire, actually... who knows Al...
    Oh come on. You know you want to. All villains or people who are believed to be villains by others and dotn think so themselves, love to reveal their plots in a long speach ending with a long maniacal laugh, like this one: muhaha... Muhahaha. MUHAHAHAHA! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! BWUAHAHAHAHAHA! BWUHAHHAMUAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!
    Your shop? Oo

    Okay, explain to me, how the hell is Cult of Smileys more serious then DP?
    I can stab you and put your still beating heart on the altar.

    No one controls the Daily Peon! Even me D=
    It has a strange mind of its own... we are all pawns to its plans!!!

    And Cult of Smileys is bleh. Just a silly rip-off Cult of Cthulhu!
    Oh noez! D=

    The corruption in you is too great! I have no choice but to sacrifice you to the Outer Gods and the great one Cthulhu!
    It's definetly better than anything pony can shoot at you. Oh, Megas has two episodes with parodes on power rangers. Do ponies have parodies on power rangers? No.
    You know, if MLP would have giant robots like Megas did, I would definetly watch it...
    Congrats for your third place in Texturing Contest #17... well, the diffirence between us is 0.3 points, but however, your skin was better. Hope i'll have better luck next time.
    One more time: Congratulations :)

    With respect: Blood Raven
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