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    Void Elf Rogue (WoW)

    lol nice, I was thinking that maybe models created in wowhead page are diferent because I can't get them to load in wowmodelviewer once I get the files from firefox cache, like I've done with hive models uwu
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    Void Elf Rogue (WoW)

    nice! what format are these wow models originally? .obj ? .m2 ?
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    Cordana Felsong (WoW)

    Good job!
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    Warden Pack (WoW)

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    This Bard is the best!

    This Bard is the best!
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    Tyrande Dismounted

    could someone post or send me the DDS textures? uwu plz, now I can convert these to classic
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    Sylvanas - Unhooded (Reforged)

    Thanks, I wish you or someone could port Maiev and unmounted tyrande. I want just some units from reforged and dont have the texture pack, no way I can play Reforged. I'm on patch 1.27 with a 1.26 game.dll file with GameDll_fix_mapsize_limit.mix files and forcesizefix, playing my 160mb map ùwú...