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    Dash Example v1.04

    Thanks dude, i was looking for something like this, i just had to adjust it for working..., reverse way XD
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    Black Raven V0.1 [RMX]

    tested spells, i've got a few ideas for them, credits if used (and i think that's like a 80% to happen, cuz i get ideas for great stuff like this fast)
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    RMX Spellpack V 0.7 {Include documentation}

    I was looking for spells like these, i mean, i just don't care about muiness cuz i don't want my map being able to use copies from a hero..., gonna use them by ow and if everything goes well i'll let you know and also give you credits...., awesome :)
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    DMC4 Red Queen by chilla_killa

    Amazing one :D
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    Knight Female

    Give it a shield and i'll have a sure use for it :)
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    Upgradeable Missile Launcher

    WOW..., if i could just have an use for it....., wait, why not?, credits if used, GODLIKE!
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    my use for your spell is a single hero, every hero on my map is unique, and cannot be choosen...

    my use for your spell is a single hero, every hero on my map is unique, and cannot be choosen twice, so, i took your hook no matter if it was MUI or not, if at least 1 hero can use it, that's very enough, anyways, i'm still interested cause i want it the leakless possible, may you help me on that?
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    Unbroken Sage

    Credits to you!, model has been used: check out for "Supervivencia 9.6.0" at
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    mmmmm, Interesting...
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    and credits will be given, i just used the model on my map, sadly i cannot upload it to this page cause spanish language, and nope, i'm not going to translate it..., as i finish it, i'll upload it at epicwar :)
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    i think i have got an idea for this.... :)
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    Joan Of Arc

    i'll check it out... by now, at first sight, i can say, 3.5/5
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    by far, the most decent skeleton on the world XD, i might see icefrog exchanging Clinkz's model for this one at DotA
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    Red Star Armageddon Tank

    this is what we find at google when we check out exagerated XD... Just kidding, nice tank
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    Alliance Cavalry

    it deserves a try o.O