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Mar 21, 2016
Oct 18, 2008



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Mar 21, 2016
    1. Misha
      i will get my own macross-lookalike-version, like it or not. because Protoss are also a "proto"-culture. (you should play starcraft sometimes)

      and the "younglings" are no longer yours.
    2. Misha
      hmpff.. the dammage is now done.
    3. Misha
      somehow noone seems to understand my friendly jokes 8(
      i won't do anything now 8( just get with the meeting
    4. Misha
      lol are you risking an open war by beeing so tough to the "kids" lol....


      i'll make 'em mighty. and also... it is my way of rping to goof around with side charrs lol...
    5. Misha
      lol... still ordering the "kids" ? lol...
    6. Misha
      duh.. wrong one to compare with... ~.~ i meant the "muscle" machinery... it is the same,it's not my fault that dragoons have crab joints
    7. Misha
      lol just movement, complete skelleton (of course variable fighters move human-like)

      i want folding streets (or in my case, folding corridors)
    8. Misha
      it's similar to dragoon tech =P so.... no that what i want is whole-ship-city-transform =P
    9. Misha
      lol sure i needed only tranformability lol...
    10. Misha
      =P that's one of the first Anime i saw. and i'm rather..... fanatic about it lol xD
    11. Misha
      well just that overide lol... my ships will heep him busy :3
    12. Misha
      do you mind me alying with ya to hunt the macross, after a de-grade that crazy protoss commander in rp lol..

      i need just one thing from macross. ^.^
    13. varsaigen
      *The Nightmares come close to the monitoring station and begins to closely examine it carefully. Two of the Nightmares transforms and lands on it, in the GERWALK mode.*
      Ah... it was the mechs walking on the building, damaging it... the defenses took it as an attack. :/ They don't really have cameras or a computer that determines whether mechs walking on the building are freind, foe, or attacking. XD
    14. varsaigen
      lol I don't expect it. XD But... if you stop attacking my defenses and buildings when they aren't shooting at you..... (-.-) you may make a powerful ally out of me. XD Besides, there could even be technology sharing (I dunno what we could offer eachother... but I guess we could find out "eventually" :/) :P
    15. varsaigen
      not an entire fleet. XD about 20 cruisers, 2 carriers, 3 destroyers, 15 corvettes, and my Flagship and PlanetCracker (mining shiP) :P And the 2000+ drones they can launch :P And any new weaponry I'd develope in the near future ^^ Besides, I also have those Planet Cracker bombs (still needs a name D: ) that I can launch. :P And, I can try to find a way to supply plenty of power after putting up Nova Shields across the entire fleet (each BSC ship has one =3 They withstand Super Novas)
    16. varsaigen
      XD Oh, I'll find a way. XD
    17. varsaigen
      so... it IS more powerful. :/ Either way, I will find a way to destroy it. >=3 I always do. >=}
    18. varsaigen
      so what your saying is that it's perhaps more powerful than my flagship? D: But! I doubt it can withstand several volleys of beams and Planet Cracker Bombs I send at it. :P Not to mention the few thousand fighters I can launch from a good portion of my fleet. XD
    19. varsaigen
      comon. All your ships turn into mechs. XD There'd have to be weak spots where the peices join together. XD All I have to do is blast at those for a while, and you have a 5-6 peice ship. XD
    20. terradont
      Seveeeeen-chaaaan! Hi there :3
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