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Mar 21, 2016
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Mar 21, 2016
    1. Misha
      seven-kun 8) is it a bit too late for a macross--protoss carrier space battle?

      PM me the answer 8)
    2. sacridshadow
      then what? XD
    3. sacridshadow
      sarcasm tags? you mean like "XD" and "lol jk"? ^^
    4. terradont
      Okay, then the english translation is quite off xD
      Thanks alot
    5. terradont
      BTW, Seven-chan. Could you write down Devil Jin's quote in alphabetical lettes on japanese? I'd like that as a avatar or signature text.
      This one:fp:YouTube - T5 Devil Jin Intro Pose - Dragon's Nest

      I know he is saying "Fear the wrath of god" or something like that, if it's any help :grin:
    6. sacridshadow
      stubborn? XD I would never have known! :p
    7. terradont
    8. terradont
      Yeah, i got a Tekken-mania yesterday. Can't wait for Tekken 6 :D
    9. sacridshadow
      Well, I understand the situation, however, I feel that I should remind both of you that nobody likes arguing. Misha loves to be in control. He's kicked me out of Elders because of a misunderstanding in RP. But that's behind us now. He understands my position. I think you just need to let him cool down and ignore what he did. It goes along the phrase, forgive and forget. If you feel like telling Misha this, also tell him that I said to do that, not you. YOu shouldn't get blamed for what's in this post. lol
    10. varsaigen
      eventually, we know it'll come down to the BSC fleet vs. your fleet. XD It'll just depend on what tech I have. :P Besides, I have a gas miner capable of being a juggernaught itself, 3 Planet Crackers, also juggernaughts in their own rights... and the Flagship of the Black Sun fleet, my majesticly destructive pride and joy, the BSJ Shakuras >=3 The leading Juggernaught of the fleet. >:3
    11. wereguy2
    12. varsaigen
      well, I can beam it's limbs off. That could qualify as heavily damaged. :P That way, it won't survive a fold or hyperspace, subspace, or any form of "faster than light" travel. :P I would just have to kill everyone on board and set up a science depot there, at the spot, and secure the system by forcing your influence out. :P But, I personally would prefer to try to get it in one peice. :P If I have to fill the ship with EMP, so be it. (That would stop the self destruct for a while. :P)
    13. sacridshadow
      Well, you can;'t blame him. in RP, it seems to be, "if you can beat them, you are strong. If you can't, youare weak." I dunno why that is, but it's the way it is. (Might have something to do with DarkIron... >.>)
    14. Misha
      have you gone Mad? i will not accept a smoking ruin of an once glorious ship >3
    15. varsaigen
      I could capture it, fold it over to Shakuras for study... present it as a treat to BSC scientists, since they are tired of upgrading upgraded tech, and finding few new uses for existing tech. :P They would drool over foreign tech like it was candy. XD I could then share what my scientists have discovered, and even make modifications and improvements to the designs :P But... I DO have a plan on how I would acquire it... >=3 I just need to learn (in the rp) about the ship's existance, significance, and the capabilites it has, and what it would mean to many societies, including how it would change the way technology was used. :P
    16. varsaigen
      so... I can destroy it, or capture it and give it to Misha if I wanted? =3 Or, I can capture it and tear it apart for study? :P
    17. varsaigen
      and I have 3 Planet Crackers made ^^ I just used 1, for my uses, as it is a powerful, resource gathering ship. :P Not constructed for war, but well suited nonetheless. :P
    18. sacridshadow
      I can't blame him. He wanted something new, as the only new things he got were a couple kids, and three fighters. lol While everyone else gets nice large guns. lol you get Macross, var gets... whatever he recently got. lol and I got my mines, replicators, laser turret conveyer belt weapons and a planet defender beam weapon with a portal device for that and the convyer belt weapons. lol So he has a nice large reason to be upset. lol Though, I don't see what stops him from making his on from the designs he took. It doesn't even have to have the same stuff as Macross. lol
    19. varsaigen
      So, IF I were to try taking it down... I shouldn't ahve a problem? =3 Planet Cracker bombs from one side, Juggernaught on the other... entire BSC fleet all around it... and the half million drones swarming the ship, disabling your systems and destroying any fighters you launch? =3
    20. Misha
      actually...... i won't RP anymore.. i'm bored of it and the hive.

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