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Mar 21, 2016
Oct 18, 2008



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Mar 21, 2016
    1. Tleno
      So are you okay? Is there really was a car accident?
    2. Misha
      well what happened after that car accident or whatever it is :S
    3. wereguy2
      Holy fuck, are you back?
    4. Misha
      i see.. would you be interested in lending a voice (well if you have a mic for voice-acting)
    5. Misha
      oh hello there C:
      i thought you went MIA

      how are you? what's new?
    6. wereguy2
    7. terradont

      What's up? What've you been doing lately?
    8. Tleno
      Hey, whats up? Haven't seen you for a long time...
    9. terradont

      Long time no see :3
    10. Misha
      *sigh* While i stoped my godmoding to an extent.... (i hope so Oo)
      sacrid's knight is an overkill >_>

      btw i'm growing a zerg army right now C:
    11. lord_ken
      How long does it take for an arm to heal? My arm's bone broke once and it only took. 1 month.
    12. sacridshadow
      So, how are you? is your arm all healed up? and are you going to be online now?
    13. sacridshadow
      yay! your back! The Order of Rp kindof died since people aren't coming up with ideas. we've kindof been waiting for you. in Elders, I started Devilak's (my void lord) takeover of the planet, but since I had some villages burned and took the people, misha and lordken came in as my necromancers were leaving. var ha hellion make a large 100 foot dome of granite appear around the village after a massive hell hound attack. and var and I introduced knights. mine is half dragon, who misha thinks is godmodding cause of his speed and strength, and resistance to magic, and var's knight is an armour suit controlled by Hellion. oh, and the dome is crumbling in large chunks now.
    14. lord_ken
      Come back, :( We miss you.
    15. sacridshadow
      so, how's it going? the rp's kindof gone slow now, and var just had Lucien finish warming up. lol misha's really trying to kill him. XD (unsuccessfully)
      and ken's been inactive for mst of it, so i don't see us getting the sword anytime soon. unless I put in my other character. lol
    16. wereguy2
      <span style="font-size: 26px">I hereby claim this account in the name of awesomeness!</span>
    17. terradont
      Me and Misha-kun is starting a trend to express our agony from removing the social groups.
      Our plan is to have everyone have our avatar and have Braaaaaains in their title.

      Join us for the lulz :P
    18. sacridshadow
      well, you don't have to be driving for the family car to be hit. lol What exactly is the damage? and did the people/person who hit you get caught?
      Well, var knows what he's doing and does a good job making them "epic", so no worries there. What can the abbyssal army do exactly?
    19. sacridshadow
      you were hit by a car, or your car was hit? That explains why you wouldn't be with us for a while .lol along with the computer problems. lol no worries, I put some other plans into action. hehheh
    20. sacridshadow
      hey infinite. misha kicked me out again. When I oliterated your abyssal army, I had planned for them to reappear from the particles recombining and in a rage. The combonation of shadows, fear, and the beam, changed them slightly so that they are in a rage (trample?). If something like that happens again, could you contact me first, to see if I had a surprise waiting, before you change it? I asked the same of misha, but he doesn't even read my messages with a clear head anymore.
      I've tried reasoning with him, but he won't actually listen to my side. I've told him that I want to RP, but he's convinced himself otherwise.
      So, I was wondering, could you talk to him? maybe get me back in? cause I had things planned, that he kindof ruined. please?

      Edit: nevermind. He sent me a pm and told me I'll be back in.
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